2022 Top Dog: Teagan Pierce


Tara Lytle, Reporter

Senior Teagan Pierce has been a part of our Lakeview community for all throughout her school years. Pierce participates in Basketball, Track, and even joined the Golf team this year.

Teagan has had many memories throughout each and every one of those seasons but she had said her favorite was, “My favorite memory for sports all throughout high school was the Fatboy relay at the Lakeview invitationals for track over the years. This relay is so fun because all of the throwers (who don’t know how to run) run it and we get to make so many new friends from other schools.”  

Throughout the years she has made many friends and some friendships have stuck with her throughout her years.

Landon Maderitz, who is one of Teagan’s good friends, a senior, had said, “Teagan has always had my back, she is someone who I can always count on, and I am very grateful to have spent my years here at Lakeview with Teagan.

Another senior Kristina Zimmora had said, “From pre-school to now she has always been a good friend to me and whenever I need her she is always here for me.”

Teachers have a lot of impact on your life as you go through all the years of school. One thing Teagan had said she will always remember about lakeview is, “I will remember all of the teachers who always had an open door if you ever needed someone to talk to.”

Pierce has always had a good experience with all of her teachers from the years, and she even said “The teacher that has influenced me the most is Senor Swinning because he always made sure that we understood that it was more important to actually learn instead of just focusing so much on grades.” 

Teagan has made some unforgettable memories at Lakeview but there have also been memories outside of school she will never forget.

As Pierce states, “My favorite memories have been at the bowling alley after the boys games and on random nights when nobody has anything to do.

Along with outside activities Teagan had said, “I’m going to miss all of the people that I’m not super close with but talk to just because they are in my classes.” 

Teagan has some good plans for after high school and she plans to go to college for her future. “My next step in life is going to college. I’m either going to major in psychology or criminal justice in hopes of becoming a lawyer eventually. I also hope to throw in college. I’m really excited to be more independent and get a fresh start.”