2022 Top Dog: Jaycob Whitmore


Caitlin Mark, Reporter

Senior Jaycob Whitmore will finish off his high school career in May of 2022 when he walks across the stage. Even though two out of his four high school years were cut short due to Covid-19, he’s glad some of the restrictions have lightened up and students are able to slowly return to normal.

Luckily for seniors this year mostly everything has returned back to normal despite masks. Homecoming and football games were back in full force this year and Whitmore could be seen at most home games this season. Whitmore was thrilled to be able to have a senior homecoming and told us the reason he looks forward to dances, I’m always excited for the dances because the whole week is filled with plans and fun activities.”

Throughout his high school career he’s made many connection with friends like Cole Travaglino and Kylie Imes, but along with many amazing friends he’s also made connections with teachers. Lakeview has such amazing staff and Whitmore went on to talk about two teachers in particular, Mrs. Hogue and Mrs. Bayne were very helpful my sophomore year. I was not at a good place mentally and they have always been so kind and caring about their students and their wellbeing. And for that, I’m thankful.” 

Whitmore’s words to underclassmen,Don’t wish you were somewhere else or wish you were a bit older, appreciate the time you have now and worry about the stressful things when the time comes.”

When Whitmore finally has a chance to be away from school and talk about after graduation, he enjoys being with his friends. Whitmore says that being able to be with his friends and drive around for miles while singing is his idea of a perfect night spent.

Whitmore is unsure of his future but his only wish is, “That whatever I choose to do will bring me happiness and keep me grounded.” Lakeview wishes Whitmore the best of luck after high school, and we will definitely all miss his feisty personality and his morning announcements.