2022 Top Dog: Brynn Yale


Kaylee Miller , Reporter

Senior Brynn Yale has been a Bulldog since she can remember. Yale is known for her kindness and caring personality for all. Even though there have been many unexpected things that have happened this year, Yale looks for the positive in everything and wants to continue doing so in her last months at Lakeview.

The thing about the ’22 class is that nothing has been normal for them any year of high school. When Yale gets down about all the things she and her classmates have missed out on it´s important to be thankful for future events such as ¨the senior trip, and every last memory my classmates and I can make.¨ 

Moving forward, Yale wants to remember her times at Lakeview as being some of the best moments of her early career. She wants to make sure that the underclassmen understand the importance of not taking these years for granted. Yale says, ¨If I could go back to freshman year, I would have tried harder. I used to only care about fitting in and having a lot of friends, but now that I am entering my last months as a high school student, I regret not taking my academics more seriously. Not only that, but I also wish I never said the words I can’t wait to graduate, or ever wished the time would go faster.¨ 

The one thing Yale is most thankful for is the memories she has made with her friends and how much they have helped her through high school. Yale says the thing she will remember the most is, ¨all the friends that have come and gone in my life. Many have taught me values of wrong and values of right that have helped my high school career be the way it is.¨

Jaycob Whitmore, a senior says, ¨Brynn has been one of my best friends since middle school and I can always count on her to have my back. She has always been passionate about her sports and academics and is truly one of the kindest people I have ever met.¨ 

Another one of her friends Kaylee Miller who is also a senior says, ¨I have known Brynn for a very long time and I have never not thought of her as my best friend. She is someone you can go to whenever you need help with anything and is always the first one to ask if you need anything. I am so excited to see where Brynn goes in the future, and I am even more excited to be there every step of the way. ¨

It´s hard to stay motivated through these tough times that we are in but Yale says the person who inspired her the most is, ¨my dad because he has helped me with homework and school since I was little. He taught me one of life´s most important lessons that hard work really pays off.¨ 

Yale is looking forward to the future and plans on attending Cleveland State University to major in sports marketing. Lakeview is wishing Yale good luck and congratulating her on all her accomplishments. We can´t wait to what you can make happen in the future!!