2022 Top Dog: Isabella Shuster

Carly Hawn, reporter

This senior spotlight illuminates the role model Bulldog that is Isabella Shuster. She has attended the Lakeview school district all of her life, but her long journey will come to an end when she graduates at the end of this semester. Shuster is a very active member of the community, taking part in art, ski club, golf, and track and field where she is a record-breaking pole vaulter. Out of each of these activities, golf was her favorite.

Shuster remarks, “Golf season was my favorite part of my senior year so far. I got to spend my last season with an amazing team.” However, out of all her golf memories, “forking Novo’s yard and pushing our carts down a hill will be my favorite memories.” 

One of Shuster’s favorite things about Lakeview High School is its students. She will forever remain grateful to the district because “It introduced me to so many people who have made a major impact on my life.”

Her friends and family are extremely important to her and have “inspired me the most throughout my high school career.”

Shuster continues, “the most difficult part of senior year will be leaving behind all of my friends.

As much as she was influenced by Lakeview, Shuster has made just as much of an impact on those around her. She was voted Best Dressed, as well as Best to Quarantine With by her fellow seniors. Shuster has made a multitude of friendships at this building who will miss her just as much as she’ll miss them.

Senior Hailee Hoover, one of these friendships, had a lot to say regarding Shuster.

Isabella Shuster and I have been tied at the hip since we were kids,” she said. “There has not been a boring day in life ever since the day we met. With this being said, I can genuinely say that I have never met a better person. Isabella is funny, kind, and optimistic. All those who get to know her in the next step of her life will be very lucky.

Another senior, Jaycob Whitmore, also had some input on Shuster.

I feel she is a really good student, and is all around amazing,” he tells me. “She is very intelligent, and is astronomically kind to her peers. She’s the best chick in the coop, and would give up her last chicken tender.”

Shuster’s advice for any underclassman is to “stay on task and keep up with work,” a tough lesson she had to learn in years past.

Shuster plans to continue her education through a university to study both tourism and hospitality. Shuster remarks, “With this degree I plan on becoming a flight attendant and traveling. I’m both excited and nervous.” 

Whatever she puts her mind to, Shuster will take it to new heights (both literally and figuratively). We wish her the best for her future endeavors.