2022 Top Dog: Cassidy Hluchan

Gracey Stockton, Reporter

Senior Cassidy Hluchan has always been a Lakeview Bulldog since being in school. While she has lived in Cortland, Ohio most of her life, she has not always lived here. She spent her young childhood in Cleveland, Ohio and moved here when she was 5 years old, just in time to attend Lakeview Schools. Her mother is a Lakeview Alumni and thought the school system would be the right place for Hluchan.

While Hluchan is only a little over halfway through her senior year at the moment, she still has made some significant memories. Going into her senior year, she was most excited for homecoming week. As a senior, she said, “We ruled the school for the entire five days.” She also said that “the football game had an energy like none other.” 

Her favorite memory from homecoming and senior year was swaying to the senior’s class song. She felt most connected to her class in that moment considering that “we were the class that has seen the most covid events take over our high school experience, and in that moment it seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel was finally showing through.”

Hluchan has definitely made some memories this time around during homecoming. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Hluchan also was involved in some school sports all throughout her high school career. Growing up, “I loved watching the majorettes during halftime on Friday nights.”

Those nights at the football stadium inspired Hluchan to become a majorette as soon as possible. It was a way to conjoin the two things in her life: dance and school.

Hluchan has made many friends during her time at Lakeview, but has only had a few that stuck, Gracey Stockton being one of them. 

Stockton said, “Cassidy and I have had our difficulties in high school, but at the end of it all, we realized who our true friends were and that was each other.” These two have been friends since middle school but only 3 years ago started getting close again.

What she is going to miss most about high school though, is the environment in general. Many teachers have left a mark on Hluchan and she says, “It’s hard to believe I will never have that experience again.”

 Hluchan has big plans for her future. She will attend a university to major in Neuroscience and minor in dance. Later on, she hopes to be a Radio City Rockette, but if that doesn’t work out, she has a back-up plan: furthering her education by attending Medical School.