Have a Ball at Lakeview’s Annual Snowball Dance


Cassidy Hluchan, Reporter

After two painful years of having no school dances, Lakeview’s annual Winter Wonders dance is back on track! Although this dance is not as anticipated as Homecoming or Prom, the student body still shows excitement over this unique event. This is a dance that takes place in the middle of the year between Homecoming and Prom season, and it acts as a fundraiser for the Student Council’s Homecoming dance budget. Many students, however, don’t even realize that this is a fundraiser, and just attend this event out of sole enjoyment to have another school dance on their schedule. 

Senior student council member, Gavin Mauger, has experienced two Winter Wonders dances in his high school career, and exclaims that “Winter Wonders really takes the repetition out of this part of the year. I feel like I can speak for a lot of my classmates when I say that the time in school between winter and spring break can be very grueling, and this is when most kids burn out. Having this dance, though, acts as a distraction amidst all the chaos, and gives students something to look forward to.”

The Winter Wonders dance this year is themed to be a “Snowball”. Colorful white lights will cascade across the cafeteria walls as the light blue decorations make it feel like you are taking a casual stroll through a winter wonderland. Even though this dance isn’t as extravagant as Lakeview’s Homecoming dance, Student Council members still radiate their excitement with what they’ve planned. 

Student Council Vice President, Rachel Campolito, is a part of the hard-working decorating committee for this dance. From her, we were able to acquire the inside scoop for what we can expect for the Winter Wonders dance: “Being on student council, I definitely love the decorating process before Winter Wonders. It’s amazing to see everyone’s reactions after putting in the hard work! No one ever expects the Winter Wonders dance to be as fun as it is until you experience it for yourself.”

This brings us to our next point; Student Council urges you to consider attending a third school dance that no other school in the area has the privilege to experience. According to multiple upperclassmen that have attended a Winter Wonders dance before, it is a Lakeview exclusive, more laid-back Homecoming dance in the middle of the year when nothing else is happening! So why not attend?

Senior Student Council Decorating Committee member, Cade Cratsley, expands upon this idea, saying that “Winter Wonders, Homecoming, and Prom all offer the same idea to help people get out of their comfort zones and dress up to have a good time. I know for a fact that I was a nervous wreck at my first high school dance, but it helped me to become more social. Whether asking someone to go with you or going with friends, it’s these moments that you’ll never get back!”

The Winter Wonders “Snowball” is a no jeans event, but more casual compared to Lakeview’s Homecoming Dance. Tickets will be sold during both lunch periods this upcoming week for $10 per ticket. The dance will be held in the Lakeview High School cafeteria from 7pm-10pm on Saturday February 5th. No outside guests will be accepted. If anyone has further questions regarding the dance, please feel free to reach out to your Student Council members around the school. Upperclassmen, Student Council hopes to see you there so we can pick up where we left off two years ago! Underclassmen, this may seem extremely new to you, but don’t fret. This dance is always more fun than you expect. Remember to cherish these moments. You’re only in high school once.