2022 Top Dog: Evan Davies


Michael Horn, Reporter

This is Lakeview High School student-athlete, Evan Davies.

Davies has attended Lakeview his entire life and will be graduating this spring. Davies makes sure to go above and beyond inside and outside the classroom. He is a captain of the football team and excels in the classroom, earning honor roll status all four years of high school.

Before Davies graduated we wanted to chat with him about his high school experience and what his next plan are. Davies explains how he has truly enjoyed high school. When we asked him what he will remember most high school, he explained,Football season for sure. We were never the best but the sport and the festivities such as homecoming and pep rallies that occurred around the fall season made it the most memorable”. Davies truly loved every second on and off the field with his teammates. 

Lakeview has made a lasting impact on Davies. When we asked him what part of Lakeview he will take with him after high school he responded,Lakeview has made me a better student and a better decision-maker. The standards we are held to here challenge us to become better people overall.” He gave a lot of credit for his determination and work ethic to the example set by Lakeview.

Along with life lessons, Lakeview has gifted Davies with many good friends. We asked Landon Maderitz, one of Evan’s best friends, what type of person is Evan Davies? He explained, “Evan is overall a good guy. He is always looking out for his friends and he is always a good time. Some of my best high school memories have been with him and I will miss the fun we had in high school together”.

As Davies leaves high school we asked him to look back on what he will miss most about the Lakeview experience. He responded, I am going to miss my classmates. I have spent the majority of my life with them so far, so it will be hard to move on and lose contact with some of these people.” Davies explained how much the people of Lakeview have shaped him.

Davies plans to attend either the University of Cincinnati or Ohio University to seek a degree in finance and a minor in sports management. Before he leaves, we asked him to give a piece of advice he wished he knew when entering high school, he responded,  “I wish I knew how fast high school goes by, especially with sports. As an underclassman, I was always told this but never believed it until I was actually in their shoes.” He has relished his last season and last year with his fellow classmates.

Lakeview staff and students wish Davies good luck on his life after high school and continue to exceed expectations.