2022 Top Dog: Molly Stein


Aydin DiBell, Reporter

In this edition of Senior Spotlights, we honor Molly Stein! Stein is a very talented artist and musician who has found herself and passion during these four years. It was a time of growth and introspection.

When asked to give advice to her underclassmen she offers wonderful advice saying “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make new friends.”

She also gives advice when reflecting on what she would do differently as a freshman “There were times throughout school, especially as an underclassman, when I found myself in situations that felt much bigger than they really were. Looking back, I wish younger me would’ve taken some things less seriously, saving me the stress.”

Stein is looking forward to prom because during junior prom she made some of her favorite memories in all four years of high school. Her favorite part of the year so far has been joining madrigals because it has been the perfect addition to her schedule.

Next, she was asked about the staff and Lakeview in general.

“I am going to miss the support I got from teachers and staff, considering how much more independent I will have to be in college.”

The staff at Lakeview have made a huge impact on Stein. The teacher that has impacted her the most is Mr. Piper.

“Mr. Piper is one of my greatest influences throughout high school. I had the most classes and spent the most time with him. During those four years, Mr. Piper’s teaching, influence, and guidance reinforced my passion for creative arts.”

Her love for creative arts will extend to her career where she plans to pursue a career in music performance.

She discovered this passion for music during Drama Club. She revealed this when we asked what her favorite club was.

“My favorite memory from a club was my participation as Jasmine in “Aladdin Jr.” Freshman year. During those three months of rehearsals, I developed my confidence and made so many new friends and memories along the way. This experience was also what started my journey into finding my passion for music and pursuing it as a major.”

We wish her the best of luck in future endeavors and where ever her life might take her!