2022 Top Dog: Blaine Barr


Colin Oaks, Reporter

This Senior Spotlight highlights student-athlete Blaine Barr. Barr has attended the Lakeview School District since kindergarten, but that journey will come to an end at graduation this spring. 

 Barr has been a talented athlete for his entire high school career, participating in both basketball and baseball. 

Between the two sports, Barr stated that basketball has been his favorite throughout high school, because of the “unbreakable bonds that are formed with teammates and coaches.”

Barr also stated that basketball has been his “favorite part of his senior year so far, because my teammates are like brothers to me.”

Barr is also optimistic about baseball season, stating that “he has played baseball since elementary school and is excited for his senior season.”

Between school and extracurricular activities, Barr has made many friends along the way. A good friend of Barr, Nate Fox says that “I’ve been friends with Blaine for as long as I can remember, and we have a lot of memories throughout school and sports over the years.”

Along with Fox, classmate, and friend of Barr, Gavin Mauger also states “Blaine has been one of my best friends throughout school and sports, as we’ve played both basketball and baseball together.” Barr is a friend of many who has made a lasting impression during his tenure at Lakeview High School. 

Although Barr has made a lasting impression on others, one person that has made a lasting impression on Barr is teacher Mr. Shanhower. Barr stated, “Mr. Shanhower is the most real teacher and will help you with anything, not just his teaching subject.”

As for plans after high school, Barr plans to attend an undecided university and study sports management. Barr is excited for his future endeavors stating, “this is an exciting opportunity because it’s a new chapter in my life and is something that I wanna do.”

Barr is excited about the future, but his message to his younger peers is “Don’t take high school for granted, it goes by fast, enjoy every moment of it.” Barr most definitely took his own advice to heart and enjoyed every moment of high school, and we’re all excited to see what he’ll accomplish beyond high school.