2022 Top Dog: Nate Fox


Blaine Barr, Reporter

Lakeview High School senior and student-athlete, Nate Fox has been a Bulldog since he was in kindergarten. Fox plans to continue his academic career at Youngstown State University and looks to try and pursue a math degree.

Fox has been a student-athlete his whole life especially in high school where he is a 4 time letterman in football and a 3 time letterman in basketball.

When I asked Fox what his favorite sport was he stated, “Any given season of any year of sports. No matter the outcome or how the season went, it’s always a great time doing it with such great guys and will definitely be the highlight of my high school years.”

Fox will also play baseball this year for the first time in his high school career.

Even though Fox was always playing sports he still made time for his friends.

One friend, senior Gavin Mauger, had this to say about Fox, “Nate has been a great friend of mine for years now. I’m glad that we have managed to have a friendship like this throughout our high school years.”

Another friend, senior Evan Davies, had this to say, “Nate and I have become really close in these last two years after playing football and being the leaders on the team, we have gotten a lot closer and I am glad about that.”

I talked to Fox about which teacher influenced him throughout his high school, career he said, “I feel like each teacher has had a hand in helping me through all my years of school and I am grateful for them all.”

As for outside the classroom, Fox had many people help with his education and sports.

I also talked to Fox about covid and if it has affected his senior year at all he had this to say, “I feel that covid has had a minimal effect on this school year. I would like for it to not have an effect at all but to me, there has been no severe effect.”

Fox is very excited for the future and I asked him one more thing before we end this article and it was what would you tell the underclassmen and he had this to say, “I would simply just tell them to enjoy it while it lasts and make the most out of the 4 years you have.”

As you can see Fox made the most out of his high school career and everyone at Lakeview is excited to see what the future holds for Fox.