2022 Top Dog: Gracey Stockton


Cassidy Hluchan, Reporter

The Lakeview Local School District has been Gracey Stockton’s home since the beginning of her education. She remembers vividly how scared she was when walking through the towering elementary school doors the first day of kindergarten. Although this environment was new to her, she thrived as a student, as a classmate, and as an overall bulldog. Fast forward to her high school years, and Stockton is still one of her class’s top students in and out of school. 

Throughout her 13 school years at Lakeview, Stockton has shared with us what this school system as a whole has taught her. She said she “has been taught to be the most respectful and polite version of myself. Since the students and teachers converse with each other so much, I was taught this moral swiftly and efficiently.

In high school specifically, Stockton has created a vast amount of memories that she will take with her for the rest of her life. Her school spirit the past four years has been quite evident, for she rarely missed a football or basketball game. In fact, this was her favorite part of high school. In her words, her “favorite part of senior year has definitely been Friday nights at football games and basketball games. It’s fun to cheer on the bulldogs and help them get a win.

In addition to being a sideline supporter, Stockton also played for the Lady Bulldogs Soccer Team in the fall season. She very much enjoyed sharing the field with all of her friends, not wanting the season to ever end. Stockton and the other seniors led the entire team to the second round of playoffs this past 2021 season. Way to go ladies! Stockton, a competitive cheerleader outside of school, also got to implement her tumbling skills on the soccer field as well, for her favorite sports memory was “the last soccer game when my coach let me do a backflip on the field. It was a moment that mixed all of my lives together, and although it was short it was so special.

Amidst all of her highs, there were also some low points that were bound to occur. Having a severe case of senioritis, as does the rest of the 2022 class, Stockton said that the hardest part of senior year has been “pushing forward until the end. I have no interest in my school work anymore and it’s hard to get the motivation to study for a test or just do school work during the day.

Some people that have helped her keep trudging forward, though, have been her friends and family. Stockton said that “the people who have inspired me the most are my parents. They motivate me to work my hardest so I can be successful in life.”

Cassidy Hluchan, one of Stockton’s closest friends, also made a comment regarding their friendship: “Gracey has been one of my closest friends since the start of high school. She has the perfect mix of spunk and kindness in her personality, and that makes any room she walks in light up. Not to mention she’s extremely hardworking in everything she does including soccer, all-star cheer, school, etc.

Another close friend, Ella Foertch, also described her relationship with Stockton: “Ever since we were little, Gracey and I have always been such good friends. From cheering on LLB together, to having sleepovers every night, she has been my best friend through it all. Even though we spent some time apart, Gracey and I grew closer throughout all of high school. She has the perfect personality. While she Isn’t scared to tell someone the truth, she is also the sweetest person you will ever meet.”

As Stockon solemnly waves goodbye to this incredible and inspiring chapter of her life, she is excited to begin her next chapter at Youngstown State University studying dental hygiene. Best wishes in everything that comes your way, Gracey!