2022 Top Dog: Tyler Doran


Gavin Mauger, Reporter

This is Lakeview High School student, Tyler Doran.

Doran has attended Lakeview since kindergarten and will be graduating in the spring. Doran has been an active member of his class and is very well known by his classmates for his video game skills. Despite devoting many hours to video games he does his part in the classroom to maintain his grades. 

When asked about one thing he wished he knew as a freshman coming into his first year of high school, Doran said, “I wish I would’ve known that freshman year was going to be the only regular one because of COVID-19, I wouldn’t have taken everything for granted.” Doran elaborates by saying “I wish I could tell my freshman self to go to more football games, the few that I did go to were an amazing time.”

Lakeview has made a positive impact on Doran’s life, “I will always remember how great everyone was. All of my teachers are nice, I have made great friends and great memories.” 

Doran then goes on to talk about who inspired him the most, “It has to be Mr. Shanower, he has inspired me the most throughout my entire high school career. He has always shown me to work hard and never give up no matter the situation.”

Friends are a big reason for many of the memories from high school. Two of Doran’s top friends are Colton Mairorca and Dante Warner. When asked about Doran, Maiorca said, “Tyler has got to be the funniest guy in the senior class that has made my time here at Lakeview great.” 

Doran says he will miss the high school atmosphere the most when graduated. 

When asked about Doran, Warner said, “Tyler and I have become great friends through the years of high school through having classes together and playing Fortnite. Tyler is a great guy, everyone needs a friend like Tyler.”

Doran also left some advice for any underclassman looking up at the high school saying, “Enjoy it. One of the things I remember about starting my freshman year was a teacher telling me that time would fly and I would be a senior before I knew it, they were most definitely right. So try to enjoy it because it will go by faster than you realize.”

After graduating high school, Doran plans to attend college to study Information Technology. Doran is excited to begin this new chapter in his life, but is also scared to leave behind all of the amazing relationships he has made at Lakeview high school, “I’ll miss it.” 

Everyone at Lakeview wishes Doran the best of luck in his future endeavors.