2022 Top Dog: Ryan Kurtz


Nicholas Dorma, Reporter

Lakeview High School student, Ryan Kurtz has proved himself in being a “Top Dog” in his class. Kurtz has been attending Lakeview since Kindergarten where he will be graduating in the spring. He is known as an outgoing, funny, smart man to his classmates, and he is respected by his classmates. 

Kurtz gives credit to Lakeview for shaping his personality. He believes that Lakeview has changed him by making him more and more outgoing. Kurtz was not very social a few years ago, but now he finds himself being more on the extroverted side. Kurtz has a surplus of friends that have nothing but good things to say about him.

Fellow Senior and close friend of Kurtz, Nick Basile, has a few words to share regarding his friend, “Ryan has been a close friend of mine for a while, and we have done many things together. I hope to keep in touch with him after high school because I will miss his beautiful smile.”

Kurtz won the senior superlative for Best Smile, as Basile hinted at it in his response above.

When Kurtz was asked about what he would never forget about Lakeview, he had a lot to say. Kurtz states “All of the people I’ve met and all the opportunities I’ve got to experience. I’ve had a lot of fun with my friends over the past 4 years and I’m really grateful for that.” 

Another close friend of Kurtz, Evan Lenox, chose one memory to share out of their thousands of memories together, “I remember going to Disney with Ryan, it was really fun, even though he got pretty sick.”

Kurtz spent his high school years in the band, which gave him some of his best memories. Going to Disney his freshman year, and having the honor of performing trumpet solos his senior year was his favorite parts of the band.

Lakeview gave Kurtz so many amazing memories. When asked about his best memory from school, he states “Gym class Sophomore year. A lot of funny and stupid things happened, but I can’t really get into specifics.” Outside of school, Kurtz loved to spend time with the friends that he met in school. “I don’t have a specific favorite memory with my friends while not in school. Just being able to hang out with them was always very fun.”

With Senior year soon coming to an end, Kurtz has a lot of things that he will miss. Kurtz stated, “I’m going to miss the relationships I have with my friends because it’s going to change drastically once we all graduate.” 

Kurtz does not have much longer left at Lakeview, but he does have some advice for the underclassmen, and 8th graders that are coming up next year. Kurtz suggested to the underclassman, “Just have a good time, and don’t worry about the little things.”

Kurtz is sad that high school is almost over but he has a bright future ahead. Kurtz is planning on attending Kent State University for something in the medical field, and he is very excited to see where the next chapter of his life takes him. 

We all wish Kurtz the best of luck in his future endeavors and we all hope he finds great success in his life.