2022 Top Dog: Cade Cratsley


Damyen Fuchilla, Editor

Cade Cratsley has definitely lived up to the expectations of a Top Dog here at Lakeview High School. With just a couple of months left of his senior year, he looks back on his time at Lakeview while also remembering the many memories that were made. Cratsley has been a student at Lakeview since Kindergarten and sure has kept his plate full during his time in high school. Cratsley is a member of the marching band where he is on the drumline, in jazz band, and he is on the bowling team that recently went to Districts. In his free time, he likes to take part in woodworking projects. 

Cratsley was asked about what events he was looking forward to the most at the beginning of the school year and he states, Marching Band was my most exciting event of the year because it is a true passion that I feel has given me the most confidence.” 

Cratsley has a strong passion for music. He even started his own band outside of school with some of his closest friends. When asked about the band outside of school he said, “Starting a band with some of my good friends and being able to play music together is such a passion that I absolutely love.” 

Having friends by your side is a huge part of high school and how exciting it is. Two of Cratsley’s closest friends are Brian Thomas and Zach Sulc. Thomas was asked about Cratsley and he said, “Cade Cratsley is the most talented, kind, and collected person I know. He, without a doubt, has the most drive in order to succeed than anyone else, and I believe he will.”

Sulc followed Thomas’ quote with, “Cade is a very determined and hard-working kid. He has always been the most creative man I know. His drive towards craftsmanship is incredible and the outcomes of his work are amazing. Ever since we became friends in third grade he has been there for me. I’m proud to call him my best friend and excited to see his accomplishments after high school.” 

Not only do friends have an impact on your high school experience, but teachers also do as well. Cratsley was asked which teacher has influenced him the most and he states, “Mr. Sensabaugh is my number one influencer because he has gotten me out of my comfort zone and given opportunities no other teacher has to become a better person.”

In addition, Cratsley said, “The amazing teachers and staff that keep Lakeview running for students’ enjoyment and learning everything they need to know.” 

As his senior year is almost over, the emotions start to set in and the reflection on memories begins. When asked about what he will miss the most about Lakeview he said, “The atmosphere. And all the people that surround me that have made my high school journey so much more enjoyable.” 

Cratsley was also asked about what his favorite class memory was and he said, “My favorite memory in class is when we come back from band contest and if we received a 1, which is an excellent rating as a group we would get cake and would listen to the judges’ comments.” 

Cratsley also had some important advice for the underclassmen saying, “Stay strong and keep doing the things you love. You’re only in high school once.”

Cratsley has a bright future ahead, when asked about his future plans he said, “My next step in life is going to college for electrical engineering. I’m excited to be able to start the next chapter and can’t wait to see where it takes me.” 

Everyone at Lakeview wishes Cratsley the best of luck in his future endeavors and remembers once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog!