2022 Top Dog: Evan Lenox


Nate Fox, Reporter

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, it is time for us to highlight our graduating students. Senior Evan Lenox has been an attendant of Lakeview since he began school in Kindergarten and he is nearing the end of his run here at Lakeview. During his time at Lakeview, Lenox has developed many friendships and bonds. He has been a member of the band all four years. As well as being an active and outgoing member within his class.

We asked one of Lenox’s good friends, Senior Nicholas Basile, about his relationship with Lenox during their time together at Lakeview. Basile replied “There’s so many great things to say about Evan. During my time at Lakeview I’ve met some great people and have had some great friends, but Evan’s gotta be one of the best. We’ve done pretty much everything together since we have become friends and he’s one of the best people I’ve ever met.” Basile became a Lakeview student in 5th grade and he and Lenox have been close friends ever since.

Another strong relationship Lenox has is with fellow Senior classmate, Chris Bowman. When asked about his relationship and time spent with Lenox over the years, Bowman said “Evan’s a great guy. We have been friends for a long time and have a lot of  memories together. We’ve also found and shared a lot of new and similar interests over the years. I’m glad I could be close friends with someone like Evan for such a long time.” 

Throughout his time in high school, Lenox has explored many new things and made a lot of new memories. When asked what he wished he knew as a freshman and/or what he would do differently if he had another chance, Lenox said “No matter how much you enjoy being online, don’t waste your highschool life living on social media. Get out with friends and make sure to meet new people.” 

Over time, you are meant to experience change. And Lenox credits Lakeview for all of the changes he has experienced throughout his life, positive or negative. When asked how Lakeview has changed him, Lenox said “I don’t know who I would be without Lakeview. Most of my friends go here and I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without it, especially the last 3 years.” 

The staff at Lakeview has also had an impact on Lenox’s life throughout high school. When asked which teacher has influenced him the most, Lenox answered “Mrs. Bayne or Mrs. J Miller. They both got me interested in the topic I was learning and I actually remembered some of the things I got out of the class.” 

Lenox is a student who is well known by others in his class and others throughout the school. So, there is no doubt that Lenox wants to leave a mark and some advice for the underclassmen. Some advice that Lenox would give to these underclassmen is that “You are not hated by everyone, live your life the way you want to.” Lenox has certainly taken his own advice throughout high school.

With his high school years coming to an end rather soon, Lenox is now shifting his focus to life after high school. We asked Lenox what his plans were after he graduates in the spring and he said “Well first I’m going to enjoy the summer with my friends and family. Then, I plan on attending college. But from there I have no idea. We’ll see where life takes me.”

Everyone at Lakeview wishes Lenox best of luck down the road and wishes success for him in whatever his future holds.