2022 Top Dog: Aidan Popovich


Erica Giesey, Reporter

Lakeview High School is known for its excellence and Senior Aidan Popovich has always been an example of this. Popovich has been on his educational journey with Lakeview Local Schools since the beginning. Popovich enrolled at Lakeview in kindergarten and has been a Bulldog ever since then. 

He has played basketball since 2nd grade and says it has always been his favorite part of being a Bulldog. He played on the JV team for one year and the Varsity team for three years. He had a very successful high school career ending with 400 points and he enjoyed every minute of it. Popovich’s favorite memory from basketball was during his junior year when they beat Howland in the playoffs. 

Popovich says “One of the most difficult parts of being a senior was realizing that I won’t be able to play basketball with my teammates anymore. While I am excited to see what is to come in college I will always miss basketball.” 

Besides basketball Popovich has enjoyed being able to go to football games and cheer on the Bulldogs in the student sections. During covid, many seniors lost part of their high school experience part of this being football student sections.  But thankfully the student sections were able to resume this year along with pep rallies which Popovich looked forward to. 

Popovich says “I can still remember walking into the high school doors on the first day of my freshman year and can’t believe it is almost over.” 

Popovich has made some very valuable friends during his time at Lakeview high school and says that these friendships will last long after high school. While Popovich is sad to leave these friends behind he will always cherish the memories that he has made with them. 

Popovich’s best friend Senior Caleb Rinck says “Aidan has consistently been the most reliable friend I’ve had throughout high school and I know I can always count on him. He’s the nicest dude ever and I have so many great memories with him.” 

Another one of Popovich’s close friends, Senior Nick Basile says “Popovich is a great friend of mine and really shows how to be a real Lakeview Bulldog.”

Academically Popovich worked very hard while trying to achieve good grades. He has made the honor roll many times. After high school, he plans to go to college and study exercise science. After playing basketball for most of his life he would love to study something similar.