2022 Top Dog: Cole Travaglino


Jacob Wilms, Reporter

Senior Cole Travaglino didn’t move to Lakeview until Sophomore year, but by his electric energy around the school you would never know it. 

Travaglino found the switch from North Canton Hoover High School much easier than expected, “For the most part, people at Lakeview were so kind and open. I never worried about fitting in or not making friends.

Travaglino made the adjustment, and how could he not with his kindness and sense of humor, but some students weren’t sure of Travaglino when he first appeared on campus. 

Senior Hailee Hoover said, “Cole has such awesome energy, everyone wanted to be around him when he first came here. I’m so happy he became one of my best friends.”

Senior Caly Lantz said, “Cole is legitimately the funniest person I have ever met. When he first moved here I was like why is the new kid being so mean to me, but then I learned that that is how he jokes with his friends. By calling me a dummy he was actually calling me his friend.” 

Unlike Hoover and Lantz, senior Izzy Shuster could feel a bond with Travaglino on day 1.

Shuster said, “I feel like Cole’s personality really matches with mine so we became friends pretty quickly. He has always been there for me and I have tried to always be there for him.

Everyone likes Travaglino, and he likes everyone; Travaglino had this to say about fellow senior Jake Wilms: “Jake is such a good guy and he is so nice to everyone, especially Caly Lantz. Jake was really nice and accepting when I first came to the school and I’ll always be thankful for that. “

Besides for his new friends, Travaglino is thankful for the way moving to Lakeview changed him as a person. In fact, he said that Lakeview helped him, “Prepare for college and my future.”

Travaglino may be preparing for his future, but he won’t forget the past. Travaglino said that, “the people” are what he will remember most from his time in high school. 

Along with remembrance, Travaglino will miss all of his peers from high school. When asked what he will miss most, Travaglino said, “Definitely the people, memories, and experiences I had with all of my friends at Lakeview.

Among all of the memories that he made, Travaglino said it was easy for him to pick his favorite: “Me and Caly Lantz tried to go sledding and we got stuck in the snow and had to hitch a ride by this random, really nice family.”

What an awesome story!

Despite missing out on a quarter of the Lakeview experience, Travaglino has made it apparent that his experiences the last three years certainly made up for lost time. Travaglino said that he, “Values each day at Lakeview” and that what Mr. Detoro says is true: “It really is always a great day to be a Bulldog.