2022 Top Dog: Jimmie Townsend!


Tristan Beil, Reporter

Senior Jimmie Townsend has been a lifelong student here at the Lakeview School District. He has been a band member since his Freshman year and has achieved being in Symphonic band by his Senior year as a percussion player. 

Senior Nick Basil had nothing but great words to describe Townsend, “I think Jimmie’s one of the nicest dudes I’ve ever met, and if I could describe Jimmie in one word it would be Chill, he’s the definition of the word!”

In an interview with Townsend, he stated that as a Freshman he wished he knew that Junior year was the hardest of all four of his high school career.

In classic Townsend fashion, when asked how being a student at Lakeview changed him, he responded with “It hasn’t.” This can be attested to by many students here at Lakeview as Townsend is just as loveable, tough witted, and easy to talk to as he was during Freshman year.

Senior Olivia Yuhas jokingly had this to say, “Jimmie nailed me in the head with a dodgeball every day Freshman year”. This was all in clean fun as Townsend is a light hearted guy and this was done completely by accident in gym class. 

The thing Townsend will remember the most about Lakeview is when he fell running back to his spot at marching band practice which he described as one of the funnier things that’s happened to him in recent times.

Townsend also described math teacher Dean Shanower as the teacher that has influenced him the most here at Lakeview. Townsend said, “Mr. Shanower has influenced me a lot because he has been very understanding with my lack of visual work and has gotten me to show more this year.” 

When it comes to sports Townsend was very excited this year for the Tennis season to start because it is the only sport he participates in and finds it to be the most fun among the sports.

His favorite part of senior year thus far is his 4th period study hall where he gets to interact with his friends that he has made over his years here at Lakeview.

He has found the hardest part of Senior year to be his English class, as reading and writing is not his strong suit. 

Townsend describes his father, U.S. Air Force Colonel Phil Townsend, as his biggest inspiration over his High School career. He has said his father was not the most motivated person throughout High School but was able to move forward and become a successful individual. Relating to that delayed motivation, the younger Townsend has found his father’s story to be inspirational in pushing himself harder in school, and has begun to see progress this year.  

When Questioned about how COVID affected his Senior year, Townsend didn’t find anything particular that he could pinpoint besides having to wear masks throughout the first half of the year and through most of the third quarter.

He also had some advice for those below him, “Work hard in the earlier years because senior year is the easiest and to think about what you want to do after high school because I wish that I could have figured that out.” 

Townsend’s favorite club memory of his is him staying in band for all four years of High School, and getting to know all of the people in the band, and getting to attend band camp where the band had their “Mrs. Band Camp” competition.

Townsed’s favorite memory with a fellow classmate is with Senior Charles Pawlowsky where his joke made Towsend laugh so hard that he cried.

Townsend has stated that he is going to miss the band the most from Lakeview as he genuinely enjoyed his time there.

After High School he is excited to take the next step in his life and start his own lawn care business.

From everyone at Lakeview, we know Townsend is going to do great things as his ability to simply get along with people and be the very approachable guy that everyone wants to be around will only aid his future decisions after High School!