2022 Top Dog: Landon Maderitz


Evan Davies, Reporter

Senior Landon Maderitz has attended Lakeview for all four years of high school. He played football his first two and has recently decided to join the track team for his senior season. He plans on throwing the shot put.

Maderitz will miss more than sports when he graduates this spring. Specifically, he mentions, “[One] of the things that I will always remember is the 3 years of Spanish I took with all my friends having a blast.” 

He also references other events that he enjoyed saying, “I think one of my favorite parts of senior year so far are the school dances we have.”

While he will always have fond memories of these moments, he acknowledges that they could have been better saying, “It was really annoying that we had to wear masks for our dances and activities.”

As far as things he wishes he would’ve done better, grades are a big topic. Maderitz mentions, “I Wish I [would have known] that grades are more important than I used to think. If I could go back to freshman year I would have studied more so I could get better grades.”

After graduation, Maderitz will move to South Carolina and plans on enrolling in a trade school. But while he’s far away, Lakeview will always be his home. He states, “I’m going to miss all my friends and all my teachers I had in the past.”