2022 Top Dog: Rachel Campolito


Daylen Chapman, Reporter

Senior Rachel Campolito has been a Bulldog since day one! Campolito is well known for her kindness and always willing to help out whenever she can. Coming upon senior year can be really hard for some people. There are many things you may not think about; just like how fast time flies by.  Campolito says, “If I could go back, I would definitely savor every moment and make the most out of my time in highschool.” 

As Campolito moves forward with her life she is going to be making new memories with new people. One thing’s for sure Campolito will always remember, “the feeling of cheering under the Friday night lights with some of [her] closest friends. All of the laughs [they] shared on the sidelines represent some of [her] favorite memories at Lakeview.”  

As many may know through your years of high school you may find that one teacher who may help you find your way through, or even influenced you. For Campolito that was English teacher Laura Wood. Campolito say’s “Mrs. Wood has had one of the biggest influences on me, both academically and personally. During my junior year, she helped me find and develop a passion of mine – writing.” 

Covid- 19 was definitely a very difficult time for many students. Having to wear masks, not being able to do school dances, and having to do online school really affected a lot of kids. Luckily, Covid did not get in the way of Campolito’s senior year. Campolito says, “Thankfully, covid has not altered many aspects of my senior year. Honestly, I am just happy to have school in-person, along with most school events, such as sporting events and school dances.” 

Senior year can hold many difficult but also amazing moments. One difficult part about senior year is it’s your last year in high school ever. Campolito tells us, “All of the “lasts” you experience as a senior serve to be the most difficult. The last first day of school. The last Homecoming. The last football game. After having one last after another, it really puts things in perspective how quickly senior year passes by.”

Despite the fact it is hard to have your last firsts of everything senior year, one of Campolito’s highlights sure did make her senior year one to always remember. Campolito’s highlight was winning Homecoming queen. Campolito say’s “All I can remember is the smile plastered on my face after being crowned at the Homecoming game, surrounded by my friends and family.” 

As Campolito is finishing off her senior year strong, she left some advice for the underclassmen. Campolito says, “Try your best to enjoy time with your friends and make the most out of your four years in high school.” 

With that being said I’m sure everyone can relate to having an out of school memory with friends, because Campolito sure does. She said her favorite out of school memory would have to be the late night runs to Sheetz, “Eating an App Sampler at 12 am while laughing with all your friends will never get old.”

One of Campolito’s bestfriends, Ava Parise, says, “Rachel has been my go to person since age 3. She is one of the kindest, smartest, and funniest people you will ever meet and I am so lucky to call her my best friend.” 

These 4 years of High school can be super challenging, but someone who inspired Campolito the most is, Coach Quinlan. She continues to inspire me to work harder as an athlete and always be a better person. There are so many life lessons and character traits I have learned from her. 

Campolito is looking forward to the future and plans on attending Ohio University, and she plans on majoring in Marketing with a minor in either English or creative writing. She cannot wait to begin the next journey in her life!

Lakeview is wishing Campolito good luck and congratulating her on everything she has accomplished. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, and see everything you accomplish.