Seniors Look Back At LHS


Michael Horn, reporter

The Lakeview High School senior class of 2022 has had a roller coaster of a high school experience. Most every student has a favorite moment or memory that they will remember from their high school experience. Whether is was academic, athletic, or  social, countless memories were made over the past four years. So, as their time walking through the halls winds down we wanted to ask a couple of them, “What was your favorite high school memory?”

First, we caught up with graduating senior Evan Lenox. Lenox, is a member of the band and men’s varsity golf team.

Lenox explained that he has truly enjoyed his time here and, “My favorite memories would probably all the school dances. It was always really fun to dress up and have a good time dancing with my friends. And also we got to eat good food before hand and then have a fun party afterwards. The weekends when we had school dances hold most of my favorite memories.”

Next we were able to catch Cole Travaglino. Cole is a senior at Lakeview and plans on attending the University of Cincinnati after he graduates.

Cole said, “I have tons of memories from high school. I moved here my sophomore year and immediately had a great time. I would say most of my memories come from all the little fun things we do during school. Like the pep rallies, school plays, attending sporting events, spirit week, and all those sorts of things. It was always fun when we did stuff as a whole class.”

Another student we were able to talk to was Glenn Tolliver. Glenn is a multi-sport athlete, including track and football.

While talking to Glenn about his memories, he told us, “I would have to say that most of my memories come from athletics. Not so much what happens while competing, but the locker room and team chemistry. Most of us have been going to school together since kindergarten so it’s really fun to be able to compete with them. Along with this, having fun off the court is the best. Team dinners and stuff like that is where I made my favorite memories. I will definitely miss that when I graduate.”

Finally, we found Landon Maderitz. Landon is a member of the Track and Field team.

While chatting with Maderitz, he explained “My favorite memories would probably be going out to eat with my friends. Specifically my best memory was when I completed the “Atomic Wing Challenge” at Quaker Steak and Lube. Obviously the wings were very hot. But, all my friends went and I got a free shirt for completing the challenge. Although It was painful, that was definitely one of my favorite memories of high school.”

Being able to catch up with some of Lakeview senior’s was great. Hearing everyone’s unique memories was fun to listen to and seemed to put a smile on their face. As graduation approaches very fast, the seniors look to keep making memories here and where ever life takes them.