Lakeview High School Senior Brunch Approaching Fast


Breakfast Ready!

Colin Oaks, Reporter

The 2022 Lakeview High School Seniors are nearing the end of the school year and graduation is fast approaching. There are currently thirty-four days left until the end of the 2022 school year, which seems like a lot of days, but goes by very quickly. For Lakeview High School Seniors, this means the end of a thirteen-year journey through elementary school, middle school, and finally high school.

Nearing the end of high school experience means many activities are soon to follow in the coming weeks. The Lakeview High School Seniors have looked forward to these numerous senior activities such as the senior prom, the senior trip, and of course graduation. One activity that occurs amongst all these other activities is the Lakeview High School senior brunch. The Lakeview High School senior brunch is a tradition that has been going on for a number of years. On Thursday, May 19th, the Lakeview High School seniors take their last final exams for their high school courses. This day marks the end of the final exams and test-taking for the Lakeview High School Seniors.

The next morning, on Friday, May 20th the Lakeview High School Seniors will arrive at school at the regularly scheduled time. Except this Friday morning is much different than the numerous Fridays they have experienced throughout their five years at Lakeview High School. In contrast to most other Fridays, the Lakeview High School Seniors will board buses to head to the senior brunch.

The Lakeview High School senior brunch will take place at Candlelight Knolls main event center in Bazetta.

Fellow Lakeview High School Senior Evan Lenox stated, “I used to play baseball at Candlelight Knolls back in the day, It’s crazy that I’m finishing out my Lakeview High School career there.”

The senior brunch is something that all of the Lakeview High School seniors are looking forward to, including senior Lakeview High School Landon Maderitz, who stated, “I’m very excited to attend the Lakeview High School senior brunch.”

Most of the Lakeview High School seniors can agree, including senior Glenn Tolliver, who states “The Lakeview High School senior brunch is a fantastic way to end my senior year.” 

I couldn’t agree more with Glenn, I’m ecstatic to attend the Lakeview High School senior brunch.

Along with enjoying brunch, the senior brunch also functions as an award ceremony for The Lakeview High School seniors. The local scholarships that were given out two months prior will be awarded to their respective winners. The scholarship award ceremony is a great way to honor and reflect on all of the hard work our class of 2022 Lakeview High School seniors have put into their academics and extracurriculars.

Once the brunch and the local scholarships ceremony conclude, another activity still follows. The Lakeview High School seniors will be bussed back to the school and will be joined by their parents. The seniors along with their parents will partake in a practice graduation ceremony, to prepare for the official graduation ceremony later that weekend.

The senior brunch and practice graduation ceremony are fast approaching, along with all of the other senior activities. It is around this time that graduation starts to sink in for the seniors, the long journey of high school is coming to an end. The senior brunch and graduation ceremony function as one last opportunity to honor the 2022 senior class for all of their hard work and dedication over the years, and their numerous accomplishments to show for it. These events function not only as a way to honor the class of 2022 seniors, but also as a final destination between childhood and the beginning of adulthood, as the seniors will soon begin joining the workforce and attending secondary education.