Band’s Success at Districts Leads to an Invite to State


Damyen Fuchilla, Editor

The Lakeview high school symphonic band and concert band both finally returned to district contests after a pandemic hiatus. On March 4th, both the symphonic band and concert band traveled to Hoover High School outside of Canton, Ohio, to compete in the large group contest also known as Districts. After the night was over, their success story continued. Both the symphonic band and concert band returned home with a superior rating. With a superior rating, they will be invited to compete in the state contests on April 22nd here at Lakeview High School. 

In preparation for the concert, there was a mixed feeling amongst the members of both the symphonic and concert band. 

Senior Trumpet Ryan Kurtz who is in the symphonic band said, “I wasn’t nervous going into districts because I knew what to expect. I was more confident than anything else going into districts.”

Junior Baritone Ethan Baker added, “I was nervous heading into districts because I never been there before due to covid. And we had a limited number of people who had been there before, so I was nervous that people wouldn’t take it seriously enough. But we did!!”

Freshman Saxophone Gage Mymo, who is in the concert band added, “I was very nervous because it was my first time and I also didn’t want to mess up and get a worse rating for the band.”  

In order to receive a superior rating, bands must work hard and dig deep into their music. Both bands completed that and worked hard in order to receive this rating. Director of Bands Nathan Sensabaugh said, The fact that our students were able to go to Districts and receive a superior rating right after COVID is quite impressive. Many bands have a hard time getting that rating in a normal year.”  

Both bands continue to work hard in preparation for the state contest, Sensabaugh said, “Right now, our students are having to work even harder and strive to reach the next highest level, which is State. Students are doing very well right now, and I hope they continue to trend in a positive direction in the next couple of crucial weeks.”

Kurtz commended the band’s hard work saying, “I know we have a great group of musicians who put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their music.” 

The bands are preparing for States with two new pieces of music and an original piece from Districts. They hope to get another superior rating. 

Multiple members of the bands are excited about States. Mymo said, “Yeah I’m excited because I have a solo and I think that we are going to perform very well.” 

Baker added, “I am excited about states because we are hosting it which is really cool, and I have never been there before.” 

Lakeview High School will be very busy Friday, April 22nd, and Saturday, April 23rd. On April 22nd, there will be a total of 14 bands performing, 7 in the auditorium and 7 in the old gym. While on the 23rd, there will be 4 more additional bands, all 4 of them performing in the auditorium. Both bands will be performing Friday, April 22nd, the symphonic band will perform at 5 pm in the auditorium and the concert band will perform at 7:45 pm in the old gym. Admission is free of charge for all events. The bands hope to see you all on Friday as they look forward to another superior rating.