Wise Words from The Class of 2022: Seniors Leave Behind Advice


Kaylee Miller, Reporter

As the end of the school year is approaching, the seniors are looking back at their years here at Lakeview. Whether they want to get out of here as soon as they can, or they never want to leave, they each have their own memories they will take with them after high school.

Along with these memories they will take, they will also leave behind their reputation for the underclassmen. It is up to the younger grades to carry on this loyalty and pride the seniors have shown while at Lakeview. It is impossible to not take your time as a high schooler for granted, and enjoy your last moments of being a young and free teenager. This is until Senior year when there are too many lasts to count, and not enough time to spare.

Senior Ava Parise has enjoyed her time here at Lakeview and is sad to see her high school years fly by. She has enjoyed cheerleading and majorette and will miss Friday night lights the most. She has been awarded and noticed for her outstanding grades every year and will be attending The Ohio State University for Health Sciences.

If she had to leave a message for the underclassmen it would be, ” Cherish every moment you have and never take it for granted. You might think you would rather be anywhere else until you realize you will never be here again.”

Similar to Ava Parise, senior Rachel Campolito has also been known for her academics, along with her career in track and cross country. Campolito has a great spirit and love for Lakeview and hopes that she can pass this on to the underclassmen. She takes part in the community as much as she can and loves to help others whenever there is an opportunity. Throughout high school, she has seen how far hard work and dedication can get you, and encourages anyone of any age to never stop pushing yourself.  Campolito will be attending Ohio University to major in marketing and creative writing.

She wants to let the underclassmen know, “Hard work gets you more than scholarships and good grades. Hard work can change you as a person, as you begin to experience new levels of struggles and difficulties. No matter how good you think you are at something, you can always push yourself to be better.”

Lastly, Senior Cole Travaglino has some advice he would like to share with those approaching Senior year. Travaglino has been at Lakeview fewer years than most but decided to become a bulldog his Sophomore year. He is known for his bubbly, and lovable personality and has made countless new friends since making the switch. He loves to make people smile and is the perfect example of the type of person that makes Lakeview feel like a family. He will be continuing his education at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Entrepreneurship.

His wise words of wisdom are, “No matter if you just moved here, or you have been here your whole life, people will remember you for how you treated others. Being nice and spreading kindness is what will keep Lakeview the appreciable place it is.”

Overall, there is no doubt that the Senior Class of 22′ has left a mark on Lakeview history. With them continuing on with their future, it is now the responsibility of the grades under them to continue improving and impacting the school and the community of Cortland. The Seniors want to wish them the best of luck and will leave them with an endless array of possibilities.