What Will Seniors Miss Most About Lakeview?


Gracey Stockton, Reporter

For many seniors, Lakeview had been home for them since the beginning of their school life. Those seniors have been through it all at lakeview. They learned the colors of the rainbow and they learned how difficult probability could actually be. They learned what being a Bulldog is like from the minute they stepped foot into their kindergarten class.

But for some other seniors, they came to Lakeview later on in life. They came from being a tiger, a Dragon, an Indian, a Cardinal, a Falcon, to becoming what we know and love- a Bulldog. 

While seniors have learned how to be respective young adults, they have also learned many life lessons while being at Lakeview.

Senior, Ryan Kurtz, has gone to Lakeview since kindergarten, he says, “I’m proud that in a few weeks I will be able to call myself a Lakeview Alumni.”

At Lakeview Kurtz has made many memories, but, he says, “What I’ll miss most about my time at Lakeview High School is all the friendships that I’ve made over the years. As our paths diverge after graduation, many of us might never see each other again, but the memories we’ve all made together will remind us of all the good times we’ve had at Lakeview.”

Seniors have made friendships that will last a lifetime here at Lakeview. They have grown with these friends and will always remember them even if they part ways in a few short months.

Senior, Ava Parise, has also gone to Lakeview since kindergarten, she says “growing up at Lakeview has been unbelievable. In only a couple months I will be attending Ohio State University. While I’m very excited for what is to come I’m also sad to see my journey at Lakeview come to an end.” 

Parise has made many memories with Lakeview cheer, she says, “Lakeview cheer is something I will always hold on to. My friendships have grown stronger on the field and court, and the memories I have made will never be forgotten.”

At Lakeview many Seniors have been involved in sports or other activities. Many of these seniors will never be involved in these activities again. They are thankful that Lakeview was able to give them the love for the activities they were involved in.

Senior, Mackenzie Morrison, has also been at Lakeview for a while, but she came here in second grade. She was  little when learning to become a Bulldog, but with the help of her teachers she was able to do so.

Morrison says, “The teachers have taught me so much. While they do what they are supposed to do- teach you math or English or science or history, they have also taught me more than that. They taught me that I should not be shy in the classroom, and that nothing I say is stupid, or no question is dumb. The teachers have not only been teachers to me, but they have also been friends. I am able to talk to them like I can with any other friend of mine.”

Lakeview has many great teachers and each has impacted students in different ways. More than they will ever know.

Senior Cassidy Hluchan has also been here since kindergarten. Hluchan says, “I’ll miss the close-knit atmosphere. On fun weeks like Hoco week and Prom week, everyone always feels so close and excited for what’s to come. I’m really going to miss moments like that where everyone can share one common interest for a short but meaningful period of time.”

Each senior has been greatly impacted by Lakeview over the years. Lakeview will always be something they can look back on and remember the fun memories that were made. Us Seniors, will be proud of our time at Lakeview.