How Long Until Graduation? Lakeview Seniors Share Their Senioritis Stories

How Long Until Graduation? Lakeview Seniors Share Their Senioritis Stories

Cassidy Hluchan, Reporter

It is that infamous time of the school year again here at Lakeview High School. Classes are nearing their end, and students are anxiously awaiting the last bell that finally declares summer to begin. The 4th nine weeks is fortunately a time of innocent anticipation for juniors, sophomores, and freshmen; however, it is the seniors’ last moments of youth and carefreeness before the huge shift. Before they are sent out into the real world, changing every aspect of their life in the blink of an eye.

Although this may sound terrifying to most, the majority of seniors at Lakeview High are tired of their high school status. In fact, they are anxiously awaiting the moment where they turn their tassels and begin their occupational passions. 

One senior by the name of Grace Mazur has it pretty tough this quarter, for she only has three classes to attend up until graduation day. Now someone may think that this should be considered a pro rather than a con, but since all three classes take place in completely different sections of the day, this puts a hefty damper on Mazur’s enthusiasm to come to school. 

She explains these conditions by stating that “I love all of the classes I am in, but sometimes it just feels easier to do some in-class work, like reading, at home rather than driving back and forth to class.”

Mazur also explained that the only way she is conquering her senioritis is the fact that all of her classes she is taking right now pertain to her future college major in Art Education. Her Symphonic Band, Art, and Creative Writing classes keep Mazur in check so she can continue her academic fight up until graduation. Way to stay determined, Grace!

Another victim of senioritis is Rachel Campolito. She is experiencing this in a different way than Mazur, though. Her battle is that of procrastination. Although she is a bright valedictorian candidate who always completes her work early, she is finding herself putting her work off a bit more than usual. Creative Writing, Statistics, Anatomy/Physiology and much more, she just can’t seem to knock out assignments as early as she used to. 

Campolito describes this feeling as “forgetfulness. I feel as though I am already done with my classes, especially this close to the finish line, which results in putting my work off until the last minute.”

Like the majority of the senior class, the one thing pushing Campolito towards holding her diploma is the feeling of excitement surrounding the senior class’s every move. There are so many events to look forward to such as track season, prom, senior trip, valedictorian breakfast, and many more. Regardless of the workload Campolito has on her shoulders, she always has these events to fall back on. 

Lastly, senior Kristina Zimomra has yet another case of senioritis for different reasons. She exclaimed that the hardest part of finishing out the school year for her is staying focused through all the distractions. Zimomra is quite nervous to graduate, for her friend group in this school is extremely close-knit. As a result, all she has in her mind right now is her life changing in five months, rather than finishing out the academic year strong. 

In her own words, Zimomra said that senioritis “is really hard because I have to live with the fact that in less than a month I won’t be seeing all of my friends that I grew up with.”

One way Zimomra is dealing with this, though, is attempting to think positively at all times. She still has the entire summer with her beloved friend group, and this mindset is what’s keeping her from taking over her life. 

At the end of the day, all seniors are dealing with mental hardships as this chapter in their life comes to a close. Lakeview High School and Cortland, Ohio, is all most of these seniors know, so it is going to take dedication and determination to overcome the overwhelming senioritis feeling.