Bye Bye Bulldogs! Where Are They Going?

Isabella Shuster, Reporter

The time has come. The day that every student dreams of, Graduation! Lakeview seniors have a little less than a month left of their high school life. We have gone around asking where students will be going after the big day hits. Will they be attending school? Will they go right into a job? Will they be enlisting in the Military? We want to know where our Bulldogs are going. 

Lakeview High School senior bulldog Amber Morrow plans on going to the Navy. “I wanted to challenge myself because serving in the Military isn’t for everyone, that’s why I chose the Navy. Plus not being in debt would be a good thing.”

Amber is also interested in attending college classes while enlisted.  After graduation, she will be going to Indiana to volunteer in a hospital and after Christmas, she will be leaving for the Navy.  She plans on serving our country and we thank her for her courageous choice. 

Even if college isn’t your thing, Amber is proving that there are other choices. Serving your country,  attending a trade school, or going straight into a job are all respectable choices. Our Bulldogs have so many options to choose from and you bet they are all looking at their options. Even if you haven’t made your decision yet there is no rush. Making these big decisions at a young age is scary and overwhelming. No matter what our bulldogs choose, Lakeview High School couldn’t be more proud. 

Our next Bulldog Issac Lezaic is attending Kent State and is going to study film. “I’m looking forward to a fresh start. I’m proud that I managed to get into a college and I can’t wait to start this next step in my life.” He liked the thought of Kent State because he liked the option of independence being somewhat far away from Cortland but not too far.

All our Bulldogs are doing and studying different things and that’s amazing seeing this variety through our senior class. 

Senior Nicholas Basile plans on going to Youngstown State University and will be studying business. “I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new connections. I want to be able to experience things I haven’t done before. I really think college will help me with that.”

Each and every one of our Bulldogs leaving us will make a difference in the world.

Another Bulldog becoming a Penguin is Haley Turner.  Haley is going to Youngstown State University to major in psychology. “I really like the professors at YSU and I like the atmosphere.” With this degree, she plans on helping others and making a difference in the world. 

 Even if they are staying close to home or moving far away all Bulldogs strive to succeed. Some Bulldogs will be traveling out of state to further their education. It’s amazing seeing all these determined students taking charge of their future. Where will they be going next? 

Bulldog Landon Maderitz is going to go to South Carolina where he will be attending trade school. He will be studying HVAC and graduate fairly soon. Landon will then enter the workforce in a much-needed career.  With this degree he will always be in demand, making his career choice extremely smart. “I chose this job because it’s something that interests me and in South Carolina, they pay a lot of money for that job.”

With only 29 days left, we are all ecstatic to get out of here. The seniors have worked so hard to get here. We could not be more proud of all the senior Bulldogs. Leaving Lakeview and making it onto the next step of our lives is nerve-racking but it is quickly approaching. We wish all the seniors no matter where they are going the best of luck. Each and every one of these students has the potential to do something great and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve.