LHS Takes On CLE


Caly Lantz, Reporter

This year the 2022 graduating seniors will be making their way to Play CLE for their senior trip. Every year Lakeview Seniors have the opportunity to participate in a day trip however, the COVID-19 Pandemic has jeopardized that opportunity. Despite the pandemic taking away numerous activities for seniors in the past, this year the senior trip is back and better than ever. 

In years past, the Senior Trip was set in place in order for seniors to create one of many last memories together. The trip allows seniors to take a day off from normal school and instead enjoy a day of fun together before they depart and go their separate ways. This year they will board buses and venture to Play CLE where they will have a chance to climb rock walls, zipline, and much more. 

When asked what the senior trip means to them and why they are excited, the seniors had a lot to say. 

Senior Hailee Hoover says the senior trip is important to her because “It is one of the last times our class will make a memory together as our senior year comes to an end” 

Senior Kylie Imes agreed but said she’s “most looking forward to the rock walls! School has been stressful and I think taking a day to spend with friends and letting loose will be great for all of us.” 

As school wraps up, senioritis has hit harder than ever. Having fun trips and activities planned such as the senior trip allows seniors to push through knowing good and fun things are ahead! 

The place was chosen based on its variety of fun, adventurous attractions and the location. It’s just far enough to get away for a day, but not too far enabling students to be back in time for after-school activities. 

Senior Cole Travaglino made a comment about the trip and went on further to explain how this year has been so exciting but is also coming to an abrupt end. 

Travaglino stated, “I’m very outgoing, I love talking to people and I tend to have friends from different grades. However, I’m really looking forward to the trip as it will allow me to focus on my senior friend group and enjoy some quality time with them.” 

Travaglino went on, “In years past I was never really intentional about living in the moment and locking in memories but this year has been different. With my time at LHS coming to an abrupt end I really want to focus in and remember all of these lasts and I think the senior trip will definitely be one to remember!” 

When asked about the importance of the senior trip senior Jake Wilms had something to express. 

Wilms says, “In years past I never really paid attention to the senior trips or thought much of them, but now that it’s my time to experience one, I finally understand.” 

Wilms added, “there aren’t a ton of opportunities for our class to bond as one. Although the future is exciting, high school is something I always want to remember. Activities like the senior trip allow for unity between mathletes, athletes, and all in between. I’m really looking forward to the trip as one of the last big things we seniors get to experience as one.” 

The 2022 class has dealt with the stress of the college process as well as academic stress, all of which takes away from their ability to live in the moment. As they board the buses they will have the opportunity to experience a fun, memory-filled day with their peers. Most importantly, the class will be reminded that their time together is short and each day should be lived to the fullest as their time at Lakeview will be ending soon.