Lakeview Athletes Going to the Next Level


Nick Dorma, Reporter

The Lakeview student body consists of a lot of athletes. Due to the countless hours of hard work, training, and preparation for their respective sport, quite a few students will be taking their talents to the next level. College sports are much harder than high school sports, but our students are all very excited for the competition that they are about to face. 

The Lakeview Students that are participating in college sports are: 

Charles Pawlosky- Kent State University (Track and Field)

Gavin Mauger- Grove City University (Football)

Cal Rinck- Akron University (Hockey)

Zach Sulc- Thiel University (Soccer)

Kylie Imes- West Liberty University (Softball)

Teagan Pierce- Thiel University (Track and Field)

One of Lakeview’s students, Charles Pawlosky has been more than impressive the past couple of years. Pawlosky finished second place in the state for shot put last year, and he ended up breaking the school record with a throw that went 57 feet just a few days ago. Pawlosky is still not satisfied with himself. He states that “60 feet will fall soon.”

With the impressive throws that Pawlosky has been having, he gained recognition from colleges. He has decided that he will continue his career in throwing at Kent State University. Kent State University is a Division I school. 

Pawlowsky is ecstatic with his decision. He states that he is “very excited to continue [his] track and field career at the next level.” All of Lakeview is incredibly proud of Pawlowsky, and excited to see him participate at a very competitive level against great competition.  

Teagan Pierce is another Lakeview thrower that will be continuing a career into college sports. Pierce is attending Thiel University. She states “I’m nervous about the balance between school and a sport, but I’m excited to make friends on the team.”

Pierce has been working hard throughout high school, and it has paid off for her. We all wish her the best, and we are excited to see how she will perform at the collegiate level. 

It is safe to say that the throwers on Lakeview’s track and field team are nothing short of impressive. 

Another Lakeview student that will be continuing a career in sports is Cal Rinck. Rinck has been playing hockey for a good portion of his life, and he has found a lot of success within this sport. When asked about going to Akron to play hockey, Rinck seemed very excited. “I’m looking forward to continuing my hockey career and seeing what I can do from here. Hockey has been a huge part of my life and I’m stoked to play at the next level.” Rinck has previously played on a semi-pro hockey team, and has high expectations for his future. 

A Lakeview softball player, Kylie Imes, is also going to play in college. She will be attending West Liberty University. Imes states that she is “super excited for a fresh start, and can’t wait to excel at the next level.”

All of these students worked very hard from a young age to get to where they are. They all put a ton of time and effort into their sports, and it’s safe to say that all of the hard work that was put in was worth it for these individuals. Everyone at Lakeview wishes them the best for their future, and we are all excited to see them excel at their respective sports.