Seniors, Mark Your Calendar for Important Dates


Gavin Mauger, Reporter

With the end of the 2022 school year swiftly approaching the senior class has many different important activities to look forward to. These activities include things like prom, the senior trip, senior sunrise, senior sunset, commencement rehearsal along with many other important dates coming up.

This year’s prom will start off the end-of-year activities for the senior class. With prom being held on May 6th, the senior class is excited about their last high school dance. The senior class is ready to make this the best dance yet. 

When asked about prom, senior Colton Maiorca said, “I am very excited for prom! All of the dances that I have been to at Lakeview have been nothing but great, and I’m sure that this one will be the best yet!

The Senior Trip to Play CLE is scheduled for May 13th and many of the seniors are very excited for this eventful day to see what Play CLE really has to offer. 

When asked about the Senior Trip, senior Tyler Doran said, “I am really excited for this trip, I can’t remember the last time the whole grade went on a trip together. I have heard nothing but good things about Play CLE, and I am excited to make some lasting memories with my fellow classmates.

Senior Ryan Kurtz also expressed his excitement when asked about the senior trip. Kurtz said, “I can’t wait to experience Play CLE with my classmates, I think we will have an amazing time. I am so grateful that we are going to go on a senior trip.

The senior class also hopes to organize a sunrise and sunset. This has been a tradition at Lakeview and the senior class hopes to keep it going but has not yet set dates. 

Senior Landon Maderitz expressed his wants for the senior sunrise and sunset by saying, “I think a senior sunrise and sunset would be an awesome way for our class to make lasting memories in the last few months we have together.

The senior class will have a mandatory commencement ceremony rehearsal on May 20th. Here they will practice the procedures that will be run through on May 22nd, the day of commencement. This rehearsal is mandatory for the senior class, and students will not be allowed to walk at graduation if they do not attend. 

Senior Dante Warner had a lot to say about the commencement rehearsal when asked. Warner said, ”It is crazy that we are already this close to graduation, it feels like just last month was the first day of school. I’ll have to make sure that I get to the rehearsal because I would hate to miss such an important event in my life.

The last and most important date for our seniors to keep circled on their calendar is May 22nd, the day of the commencement ceremony. The senior class has been on the edge of their seats waiting for this day to come. 

Senior Chris Bowman had a lot to say when asked about the commencement ceremony. Bowman said, “I cannot believe that we are this close to graduating, this has been quite the ride with this class. I am excited to see what everyone’s future will bring them, I believe we have some very smart and talented classmates.

Senior Evan Lenox was also asked about the commencement ceremony. Lenox stated, “I’m excited for high school to be over, but I am going to miss my classmates.

Although this time of the year can become stressful, make sure you stay on schedule and don’t forget these important end-of-the-year activities.