Will Pawlosky Push His Way to State?


Jake Wilms, Reporter

When was the last time Lakeview brought home a state championship? Well, 7 long years ago the girl’s golf team won the state championship and Lakeview has experienced a drought since. 

This year, however, Lakeview has produced another elite athlete, one who does not dominate through precision and accuracy, but who excels with power and strength. His name, the man, the myth, the legend Charles Pawlosky.

Senior Charles Pawlosky throws the shot put for the Lakeview High School shot team and is looking to win the state tournament this year. 

Pawlowsky stated that, “I really hope I can win State this year. I have been working really hard all winter and I hope it shows in the pit.”

Pawlowsky has indeed been working hard in the off-season, and his impressive weight totals contribute to his elite throwing ability.

Pawlosky said that, “I have been lifting really hard and eating so much food. I got my squat up to 500 pounds, my bench up to 340 pound, and my overhead press to almost 300 pounds. The weights have really added to my distance.” 

The senior’s work sure has been paying off, recently winning a conference tri-meet. When asked what motivates him, Pawlosky said,  I had a really sour taste in my mouth after last season ended. I got third in the state tournament, but that just was not enough for me. I want to be first. One kid who beat me graduated, so I only have one more to pass up until I win.”

Pawlosky is well on his way to making his way into first place. The returning thrower that beat him last year, Garfield Senior Riley Laporte, has improved as well, but not as much as Pawlosky. 

The Lakeview Senior out-threw Laporte earlier this year in an invitational meet. According to many, the atmosphere was electric. 

Senior Landon Maderitz said, “Dawg, when Charles beat that Garfield kid, it was so awesome. He just throws farther and farther every single time. He works so hard and practices. He is gonna go all the way this year dawg.”

Maderitz isn’t wrong about saying Pawlosky throws further every time; he definitely does. After setting the school record last year, he has repeatedly broken his own record. Most recently, Pawlosky threw 57 feet and 1 inch to set a new record. 

Not only is Pawlosky making his way to the state championship, he is trying to get his teammates there as well. 

Maderitz said that, “Charles helps me so much at practice every single day. He helps me with the spin, the glide, my release, everything. He is such a good teammate. He could go out there and only care about himself but he doesn’t; he wants me to succeed as much as he wants himself to succeed.”

It is hard to not root for Pawlosky because he is such a great teammate, and, like Maderitz said, he wants team success just as much as Individual success. 

Junior Gavin Franks said, “Having Charles on the team is honestly so nice. Every meet, it’s like an automatic 6 points from him. It takes a lot of pressure off of the runners because we know we are going to have some easy points from him.”

Pawlosky puts in the work, he is a great teammate, and he has already accomplished so much. What’s next? Pawlowsky, along with the rest of the high school, hope it is a state championship.

Whatever happens at Jesse Owens stadium this spring, Lakeview is proud of Pawlosky for everything he has achieved and we cannot wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.