Freshmen Reflect on First Year of High School


Erica Giesey, Reporter

The first year of high school is something students look forward to as it is a big step in life. Many emotions come with the thrill of becoming a high schooler. While some may fear growing up others are looking forward to that next step in their life. Lakeview has always done a great job at making sure freshmen feel comfortable in the new environment and that upperclassmen show a good example for them.

Freshman Regan Price says, “I love the atmosphere of the high school. At first, I was nervous to make the transition from middle school to a whole new building with high expectations, but I have loved my freshman year and I am excited for the upcoming three years.”

This year’s freshmen didn’t have a normal year of school since 6th grade due to covid, so this was a huge change for them. They missed out on many years of middle school and were forced to grow up very fast. 

Freshman Katie Wutrick says, “My first year of high school was a little messed up from covid. It was definitely a big change from middle school my last normal year of school was 6th grade, so it was a huge maturity shift as well as an educational one. It definitely wasn’t as intimidating as everyone said it would be.”

Many Middle scholars look forward to the things that come with being a high schooler such as new clubs, sports, and more social activities. Playing sports in high school is very different from middle school sports. Many athletes look forward to this. 

Addy Allen says, “I think I was most excited about playing sports with new people and making new friends from these teams. I’ve loved all of the bonds I have made so far while playing high school sports and I am looking forward to making more.”

Wutrick also says, “One new thing I was excited for were sports, clubs, and school dances. While in middle school sports were still assessable, high school sports were different.  They were taken more seriously and also allowed you to build friendships within it also allowed me to get more comfortable with upperclassmen so it wasn’t intimidating. In middle school, clubs weren’t as available so it was something new we got to do in high school. School dances were also a big thing for me because it was something different.” 

Academics are something that most fear while in middle school. Many feel very intimidated and nervous about the academic challenges that come with high school. More studying, more independence, and more homework are all expected in the transition. Lakeview is known for its academic excellence and the freshman are examples of this. 

Price says, “Throughout the next few years of high school I hope to keep the standards for my academics high. I am really looking forward to improving myself for my team in my sports career and continuing to focus on my academics.”

High school flies by so my best advice to freshmen would be to enjoy every part of high school and don’t blink for a second cause you’ll miss it!