Lakeview thinks Seuss!


Aydin DiBell, reporter

On Friday, April 1st, the Lakeview Drama Club put on their adaptation of Seussical the Musical for the entire school. The performance was met with an excellent reception from the crowd. 

Overall, students seemed to enjoy the music, costumes, acting, and particularly the dancing. It was humorous, lighthearted, and enjoyable. It made for a fun Friday. 

When asked the favorite part of the play Junior Jay Sarno said, “My favorite part was the circus because of the acrobat performing back handsprings and cartwheels.”

Sophomore Avery Parrish’s favorite part was “The music and how it matched with what was happening in the play.”

Junior Olivia Menz, who took part in the play, said “My favorite part was getting to hang out with everyone and perform/sing all the fun songs!”

Senior Cassidy Hluchan’s most memorable moment was “ the Grinch scampering across the stage.” 

One of the best parts of the musical were the bright and colorful characters, which is why we asked students who their favorite character was. 

Junior Olivia Menz says “Probably Horton because he had a big heart and cared about everyone.” 

Freshman Raelynn Hall agrees with Olivia, but for a different reason “Horton The elephant because I liked the songs he sang.” 

Many people liked Horton because of his kindness and his determination. He stuck through time after time which a lot of people look up to. 

Another popular character was the mischievous Cat in the Hat. The character served as the narrator as well as interacting with the characters directly. Sophomore Jamie Black says, “The Cat in the Hat because of the way they delivered their lines as well as their movements.”  It was a wonderful performance from Senior Anna Rider. 

When asked about their favorite performer, several people agreed with Senior Haley Turner that Anna Rider was their favorite performer.  

Freshman Adrianna Powell said, “Anna Rider because she was perfect as the Cat in the Hat!”

Sophomore Alex Holden, who played Horton the Elephant, said, “Lily Ramos. They can SING!” 

Lily Ramos played as Sour Kangaroo and had amazing vocals!

Speaking about music we asked students their opinions on the music. 

While mostly positive, there were some complaints about the vocals being drowned out by the pit. 

The pit is where all the instrumental performers are during a musical. 

Sophomore Saige Muresan said, “Loved it! Because it was so energetic!” 

Sophomore Alex Holden concluded “that it was a decent soundtrack, but not one [He’d] want to put on [himself].”

By the end of the play, several people grew to become Dr. Seuss fans, and it was a pleasant treat for those already familiar.