Bulldogs Take On Spring Break



Tara Lytle, Reporter

Spring has arrived and finally Lakeview is getting time off for Easter to relax. Lakeview students don’t particularly get a spring break however, we still get a long weekend to celebrate Easter with our families. Some students may be going on trips to see their families and others may just be hanging out with their friends and families around home. 

Alexis Busefink, Junior, said, “I am going to have a fun spring break with my friends and family and spend time with everyone during this time. My brother is coming home and I am extremely excited to see him as I haven’t seen him in awhile.” 

Maggie Pavlansky, Junior, said, “I will be going to Poland to be with my grandparents during Easter, and I will also be going to play softball over this long weekend. I am excited to see my family and my sister will be coming home to visit. I am excited to see her and spend time with her before she has to go back to college. ”

Although many students will not be going anywhere, Art teacher Jeff Piper, chemistry teacher Joshua Murphy and his son, Intervention teacher John Terbovich, and Officer Jason Smith are going to the Allegheny National forest for a backpacking trip. 

Piper said, “I have never done anything like this before, so I am very excited to see what it is going to be like. We will be hiking 6 miles the first day then camping wherever we can find a spot. The second day will be the longest hike at 8 miles long. The last and final day will be 6 miles and it will turn in a circle to circle us back to the start. This will be a fun but also exhausting trip as we have to carry all of the weight on our backs. ” Piper is excited to spend his spring break with the others doing something he has never done before. 

Brianna Siebenaller , Junior, said “I will be going to Florida to visit my mom and little brother. We are going to go to my aunt’s house on Easter Sunday to color eggs and have an easter egg hunt for my little cousins. After we do that we are going to have a huge dinner with everything you can think of and I’m mostly excited to eat my aunt’s sweet potatoes.” 

Most people from Lakeview High are extremely excited to get a break from school. “I’m super excited for spring break. I plan on going to my basketball tournaments and hanging out with my friends and family.” said Marina Sanders, a sophomore. 

Landon Maderitz, Senior, says, “I plan on having fun with my friends during the break, I also am excited to get time off and relax.” 

Haley Turner, Senior, said “I plan on taking some time for mental health. Mental health is very important, especially now, and taking a break will be well needed. My senior year has been hard and being able to take the time and focus on things like my mental health has helped me push through to the end of the year.” 

Spring break will be a good time for most students to relax and focus on things that are making them happy. Spring has come and soon enough summer will be here!