Approaching the End: Keeping a Strong Mindset for Finals


Nate Fox, Reporter

We are nearing the end of the school year which means students may be clocking out for the summer. However, final exams prevent our student body from mentally ending the school year early. For most students, with the exception of seniors, final exams are the last week of school and they are spending the present time and the near future preparing for these exams. But many students wonder, how do others prepare for finals?

When it comes to the seniors, they get rewarded by finishing the school year a week early. However, this means they must prepare for final exams earlier than the rest of the student body. The seniors’ final exams for high school classes will be held on May 17th, 18th, and 19th. While all other grades will take exams exactly one week later. These days being May 24th, 25th, and the 26th, which is last day of the school year for students

I asked Senior Evan Lenox about finals and his process of preparation. Lenox says, “It’s definitely been hard to keep focus as we get closer to the end of high school, but I always make sure to keep final exams in the back of my mind and know that I have to take them seriously when the time comes.”

Lenox has been a rather successful student at Lakeview and is looking to end on a good note with his senior year finals.

For the rest of the student body, they are required to come to school for the last week, which is when these exams occur.

Junior Stefano Makroglou claims that “final exams always bring the most nerves. It’s hard to prepare for them when you know summer break comes right after. But they’re also the most important test you take all year. So it definitely takes some mental toughness to stay locked in and be ready for finals.”

Makroglou is an exceptional student within the junior class and he is looking to go into his senior year knowing he ended the previous year the best he could.

Juniors and Seniors must also take in to account that CCP exams are even earlier. These exams begin on May 2nd and last the entire week of prom. Meaning that CCP classes end after that week leaving the upperclassmen with just their high school exams to worry about.

The underclassmen have yet to experience a fully “normal” year here at Lakeview High School. Although the sophomores had a normal final exam schedule last year, they did not have a full year to learn the material in the classroom.

I talked to Sophomore Samuel Gillis about his school year and how he expects finals to be different from last year.

Gillis says, “Even though we had normal finals last year, it seemed different just because of the way the school year was. This year there’s no excuses. We’ve had as normal of a year as possible and I feel like we’re set up to do good on these exams. It’s going to be hard to stay focused knowing summer is approaching but school isn’t over until the exams are.”

The Freshman class has lucked out with having a very normal year for their first year in high school. However, they do not have much experience with final exams and still must adapt to the high school atmosphere.

Freshman Jason DeMonica says, “It’s been different adjusting to the high school after the last few years being different at the middle school. To do good on finals this year I have to keep focusing on school until the year is completely over. Final exams are going to be weird to adjust to but I’m going to have to so I can be ready for the rest of high school.”

DeMonica was obviously at the K-8 building the last few years and must adjust to high school exams and how to prepare for them.

There is no doubt that final exams are the most nerve wracking time of the year. Students must force their minds to remain focused even though summer is quickly approaching. Although it may be hard to keep a strong mind during this time, our student body is determined to prepare effectively and perform the best they can on these exams.

Good luck to all students as we approach final exams and let’s end the year on a good note!