LHS Worries About the Weather


Michael Horn, reporter

The ever changing and unpredictable weather patterns of north-east Ohio have caused lots of havoc for the Lakeview High School students this year. The snow, sleet, rain, heat, and everything in between has hindered the clothes the students are able to wear and sporting events greatly. Inside the school the temperature seems to change and it can be very hard to dress appropriately for inside and outside of school. Even recently, there was a lighting storm followed by sunshine and warm weather. It has been very very unpredictable and seems to change every single day. We decided to ask some students how they felt about the weather.

Senior Cole Travaglino said, “Every time I get up in the morning I have to check the weather. It seems like everyday is a new season. Somedays I have to wear pants and a hoodie, and the next day I am wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. Sometimes I have to wear a jacket to school, but later I have to take it off because of the unpredictability of Ohio weather at Lakeview High School.”

The winter was a wild one and caused lots of delays and school cancellations. There was even a couple major snow storms, some of the biggest in recent history. This heavy amount of snow led to a few days off for the Bulldogs but most of them didn’t get to rest since they had to shovel the driveway roughly every hour. The roads were also very icy and dangerous. The students had to be very careful on the roads. Along with this, most students had to wake up early to warm up their car and scrape all the ice off.

Senior Glenn Tolliver said, “I liked the snow at first, but then once it kept snowing it was annoying. It was really dangerous driving conditions and I have to shovel the driveway a lot. Once it finally got warm I was a little happier, but then the rain began. It has been raining forever.”

After the snow and ice started to clear, the real madness started to start. Every time the weather would look like it was going to start to clear up and get warm again it would go back to rain and sleet and snow. The weather apps have been very unreliable and in one day many students experience all four seasons within just one hour. Due to these rapid changes in weather the sports teams’ schedules have been rather unpredictable. The baseball team has battled the weather elements and have a great 5-0 start even though many of the games have been cancelled or rescheduled due to the rain and cold temperature.

Sophomore Nolan Toth, a member of the baseball team, said, “Yeah, the weather has been really tricky and baseball has been hard to play with all of the stuff going on. Along with this, trying to keep the field in good condition is really time consuming. We do the best we can but there is only so much you can do. I really hope the weather takes a turn for the good because I’m really tired of this weather.”

Overall, the weather at the high school seems to be getting better but we are definitely not out of the woods yet. The students are tired of the crazy weather and they are ready for the warm and steadiness of the summer. As the school year comes to a close the students around the halls seem to be happier as the temperature warms up. They are wishing for this to be a good summer and hopefully next winter is more predictable.