Lakeview Students Host Cookout


Colin Oaks, Reporter

The 2022 Lakeview High school year is quickly coming to a close. As the 2022 Lakeview High School year is coming to an end, the weather is starting to change. In the Trumbull county area we have just finished enduring a multitude of months of poor winter weather.

Temperatures reached record lows and snow covered the ground for the better part of four or five months, but this spring the weather is fast approaching. The changing of seasons and warmer temperatures means opportunity for many new and different activities.

The long list of activities occurring during the spring includes spring sports, such as baseball, softball, boys and girls track and field, and boys tennis. Sports are not the only activities that occur at the school in the spring, activities such as prom, senior dialogue, senior brunch, senior trip, senior parade, and finally the commencement ceremony. 

But here at Lakeview High School, our student body is quite creative and innovative with coming up with new and exciting activities to participate in. With the weather changing and the 2022 Lakeview High School year coming to an end, our student body came up with quite an interesting and fun idea.

Our Lakeview High School Juniors and Seniors planned a cookout in the Lakeview High School parking lot. The cookout took place during both A Lunch and B Lunch, which means that all the Lakeview High School Juniors and Seniors had a chance to participate in the fun. 

The organizers of the event are very intelligent and a lot of planning went into the event. The organizers first went to Sam’s Club to purchase the ingredients and supplies for the cookout. The supply list for the cookout was quite a long one, as it included things such as hotdog buns, hamburger buns, hotdogs, hamburgers, a variety pack of chips, and variety pack of Rice Krispie Treats, plates, napkins, bottled water, and finally Cherry Coke and Fanta.

After purchasing all of the ingredients for a successful cookout, the organizers then brought a portable grill, cooler, and a folding table to complete the setup for the cookout.

Once A Lunch began, juniors and seniors with open lunch privileges flocked to the parking lot. The juniors and seniors at the cookout were met with quite a plethora of options to suffice their appetites. Students could purchase a hotdog for two dollars, a burger for two dollars, and chips or a drink for one dollar. Most of the students went with the meal deal though, which included a burger, hotdog, chips, drink, and a dessert for the low price of five dollars.

Once the students paid, their hot dogs were made to order, so students could enjoy a hotdog fresh off the grill while their burger cooked to perfection.

Senior Evan Lenox states that “the hotdogs being ready before the burgers was the best part, it was a nice appetizer.”

Junior Mason Littleton states “It was elegant, the hotdog was fresh off the grill and was one of the best I have ever had.” Most students who attended the cookout would agree that the food was delicious, the burgers were seasoned and grilled to perfection.

Senior Landon Maderitz states that, “The cookout was a fantastic experience, and I would definitely attend again if there was another cookout.”

It’s safe to say that the cookout was a great success and it was enjoyed by many juniors and seniors here at Lakeview High School. Officer Rice and Principal Lawrence Herrholtz came out to the parking lot and said that the cookout was a good idea, and it reminded them of class five years ago who always had cookouts in the parking lot. Overall, it was a great experience for our upperclassmen and a fun activity that many students would look forward to if it were to happen again.