Bulldogs Build Their Own Food Trucks


Damyen Fuchilla, Editor

The Lakeview High School Entrepreneurship class just finished with their largest project of the year. Their 3rd 9 weeks project was all about starting a Food Truck business. Students completed various assignments such as configuring the company operations, market research, writing a mission and vision statement, and marketing. 

The marketing consists of flyers, social media ads, the slogan and logo of the truck, and market research. Students then had to create a replica of their food truck and what it would look like. After all, this was completed, students then completed a shark tank. Each group presented their food truck to a group of judges who rated them on their pitch, display, and samples. 

The overall top 3 winners were Juniors Abbie Sprockett and Maddie Bayus with ‘Ur Moms Waffles,” Seniors Jaycob Whitmore and Cole Travaglino with “The Big Apple,” and last but not least Seniors Kaelyn Hickey and Paige Post-Champ with “Coastal Mediterranean.” 

Lakeview’s Entrepreneurship Teacher, Anne-Marie Alexander, and the students enjoyed the project as it was fun and exciting. 

Senior Noah White whose food truck was “Ship & White’s Creamy Delight,” said, “The project was a stretch but in a good way, I would like for this project to continue so more kids can make creamy delights just like mine.” 

Students were asked what they enjoyed the most about this project and there were many different responses. 

Senior Kristina Zimomra said, “I enjoyed that for the first time in 2 years we were able to put our creative ideas to life without covid restrictions.”

Senior Nicholas Basile whose food truck was “Sunny Side Up” had a similar response to Zimomra saying, “I thought the food truck project brought out the creativity in the class and brought our ideas together. For example, Jimmie Townsend’s food truck was extremely creative with a late-night snack food truck.” 

Alexander was nervous at first, she said, “I was nervous because I was afraid something would go wrong because there were a lot of pieces and parts that needed to come together.”

Overall the project was a huge success, Alexander had some remarks about the project and the student’s hard work saying, “It was really neat to see my student engage in a real-life business experience.” 

Alexander plans on continuing the food truck project for the foreseeable future. She has noticed how the students enjoy it and have a lot of fun working with their partners and building the business from the ground up. The entrepreneurship class will now take on another big project similar to the food truck project. For more information on the new project, visit the Bulldog Bulletin for the most recent article about Lemons.