Bulldogs Share What’s Hot When It’s Hot


Gracey Stockton, Reporter

As we are nearing the end of the school year students are eager to see the warm weather. With summer being only a few weeks away, students are pushing to finish the school year off strong with a 4.0. They are excited to get the vacations started in the summer sun.

Senior Abbie Campana, goes on vacation every summer to the beach. She says “my favorite vacation spot is Destin, Florida, where I can enjoy being on the beach and the warm weather.” 

Another Senior, Ella Foertch, also loves going to the beach. She says, “My favorite vacation spot is definitely the beach. I love how relaxing and beautiful it is. My sister and I like to sit out in the sun all day” 

Another Senior, Ryan Kurtz, loves to go somewhere sunny. He says “My favorite vacation spot is somewhere warm and sunny. There’s a lot of places that I want to go on vacation to, but my favorite so far would probably be the Outer Banks. I went last summer and had a great time in the city and beaches. There was great seafood and always something to do in town which made my trip there even more exciting.” 

Senior Gracey Stockton, does not go to the beach for summer vacations. She says, “My family loves to go camping for our summer vacations. We love to go to our annual camping spot in Pennsylvania where we go riding on our side x sides. My cousins go with us and we always have a fun time in the mud.”

The beach is a popular vacation spot for many people at Lakeview because it tends to be a place where people can relax and enjoy the nice weather while also spending time with their family. Beaches have shopping and restaurants around that people also enjoy.

Junior Stefanos Makroglou, has a different approach on his favorite summer vacation spot. He says, “I would definitely say that my favorite vacation spot is Greece. I have family in Greece and it is nice to see them. It is such a beautiful place with beautiful scenery, it makes it better because there is always something new to explore there.”

Junior McKenzee Fox, also loves going to the beach. She says, “Going to the beach in North Carolina is always fun for me. There is so much there to enjoy and see, including the beautiful beach.”

Sophomore Nolan Toth loves to go to Florida, not for the beach though. He says, “ My favorite vacation spot is Disney. My favorite part of Disney Land is going through the Toy Story part. Toy Story was my favorite Disney movie growing up and I love to see all the characters throughout the park.” 

Summer has been something students have been looking forward to for months now. They are excited to spend time with their friends and family without having to worry about school. Students will use their summer as a time to prepare for their years ahead.