2022 Top Dog: Mackenzie Morrison


Isabella Shuster, Reporter

Bulldogs welcome our next senior spotlight on Mackenzie Morrison. Mackenzie is an amazing student and is anticipating the quickly approaching graduation. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing things Mackenzie plans and has accomplished throughout high school. 

Whether she was spending her high school years with Sr Beta, Spanish Club, Senior Executive Committee, or Student Council, Mackenzie has been keeping herself busy. She is a dedicated student with an always packed schedule. You could always find her working at the school or helping with outside of school functions. Mackenzie was always there to help. 

Mackenzie plans on attending Youngstown State University to study early childhood education. She chose this major because “my previous teachers inspired me.” She loves children and hopes that her career will be full of teaching younger kids. Mackenzie has been going over to the elementary and middle school to help out in the younger classrooms. She says “my favorite grade is 2nd grade because I love how playful and energetic the students are.” 

Mackenzie finds ways to have fun outside of the classroom too. When asked for her favorite high school memory she said “When hanging out with my best friends Raegan Schick, Hailee Hoover, and Isabella Shuster, we have fun every time we hang out. I would have to say my favorite time was when we ended up in the middle of nowhere while on one of our adventures.”

An underclassman friend of hers would be sophomore Izzy Haines. They would have the most fun at football games, especially the Girard one. 

This talented Bulldog has all the characteristics that we at Lakeview High School look for. She’s hard working, determined, caring, helpful, and overall an outstanding person. One piece of advice Mackenzie wants to give to the underclassmen is “Make the most of your time here and savor the moments you can because it flies by faster than you expect it to.” 

Another senior Hailee Hoover had nothing but good things to say about Mackenzie. “Mackenzie is one of the most amazing people I know. We instantly clicked and have been friends ever since. Mackenzie knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face” 

Senior Raegan Schick says “Mackenzie’s been a good friend of mine since elementary school and I’m so happy we get to finish out high school together.” 

Lakeview can’t wait to see what this overachieving Bulldog is going to do in her post-secondary journey. We wish her the best of luck with whatever she has planned for the future.