Seniors and Juniors Plan After-Prom Fun


Brynn Yale, Reporter

Once the prom day is over, many of the students at Lakeview High School have plans for the weekend to get away from their school lives.

Many of the students in the senior class have plans on going up to Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. Kalahari is is a fun filled indoor and outdoor waterpark with tons of slides and pool for all ages to enjoy.

Just like senior Carly Hawn said, “A lot of the seniors and I are spending the weekend at Kalahari in a suite room. I am super excited to have a fun weekend away from school with my friends!”

There are also many restaurants with delicious food that stuck with the jungle theme around the whole resort. The other fun activities to do inside Kalahari is the arcade and to walk about the resort plus the convention center that is connected to it.

Another thing to do the day after prom is that you can walk around the beautiful city of Cleveland. There are many buildings to explore in downtown Cleveland. Another group of seniors, including Cole Travaglino, said, “A small group of us seniors are going to Cleveland for two days to explore what Ohio has to offer since many don’t know what is in downtown Cleveland.”

One attraction that you can go visit in Cleveland is Playhouse Square. This is where most of the action happens in Cleveland. There are many theaters that you can go and see many shows while you can take an insta-worthy picture of the world’s largest outdoor chandelier. If our prom weekend was the same weekend when the Cavaliers play, then you can head over to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse to watch some NBA by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If you are a school person and love to learn, then there are many different museums and science centers that everyone can enjoy. Some include Cleveland History Center, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural Art, and Great Lakes Science Center. You will also find restaurants at the corner of the every building with savory food to fill up your stomach from all the walking.

Staying up North in Ohio, if you love roller coasters and fun times, you can go to Cedar Point Amusement Park. With a collection of thrill-seeking rides that are among either the tallest or the fastest on Earth. Another small of group of seniors, including Gracey Stockton said, “At first me and my friends could not decide what we were going to do after prom, but after realizing we all loved roller coasters, we thought Cedar Point would be out best option. We hope the weather turns out great so we can have fun!” 

Roller coasters are only part of the story — Cedar Point also boasts a recently reimagined waterslide-filled waterpark, sandy beaches, and an activity park with go-karts and mini golf.

The amusement park offers up four gorgeously renovated resort properties that make it easy to turn your daytrip into a full weekend getaway. This includes a historic hotel along the shore of Lake Erie, a campground featuring cottages, an express hotel for the budget conscious, and a tropical indoor water park open year round.

If you just have a small group of friends and just want to sit around to talk and hangout, then you can rent a Airbnb, if old enough, to lounge around to just have a peaceful time with friends.

The main focus for after-prom is for everyone be safe and have the best prom weekend of your life.