Meet Officer Rice, Lakeview’s Own Caped Crusader


Gavin Mauger, Reporter

This is our Lakeview High School Resource Officer, Brandon Rice. 

Officer Rice has been our high school’s student resource officer for 4 years, and a Cortland cop for 19 years. Rice has made a very positive impact on many students while building lasting relationships. 

Officer Rice has many hobbies outside of protecting and serving our community. These hobbies include spending time with his family, and his dog Jameson, fishing, playing video games, as well as traveling. Officer Rice’s dog Jameson is a golden retriever that is 9 months old. Jameson and Rice have an inseparable bond, and he often comes along on Rice’s fishing excursions. Over the late winter break, Rice spent his time off in New York visiting his friends that are a part of the NYPD, with his favorite trip being to, North Carolina.

When asked about Officer Rice, many students expressed their gratitude towards him. 

Senior Tyler Doran said, “Officer Rice is an amazing guy. I wouldn’t want anyone else as a School Resource Officer. Officer Rice brightens my day every time that I see him. We have built a relationship that I will always remember.”

Senior Dante Warner was also asked about Officer Rice. Warner said, “Man, Officer Rice is a great guy. He’s so kind and is always trying to make everyone’s day better, he always has a smile on his face. I’ll definitely miss our daily chats once I graduate.”

Junior Stefanos Makroglou also had nothing but kind things to say when asked about Officer Rice. “He is one of the most real people in the school. He will always check up on you and make sure that everything is okay. The relationships that he has with students are like no other, he is a great guy.”

Senior Landon Maderitz went on to express how thoughtful Officer Rice is. He said, “Officer Rice is a great guy, he does everything from checking up on people, to making sure no one is hungry throughout long school days by oftentimes bringing candy and snacks in.”

While devoting many hours to his occupation, Rice enjoys many things outside of school, especially spending time with family and his dog. He also loves fishing. 

Officer Rice has three kids who all attend Lakeview, Leo (13), Allie (8), and Frankie (4) who will be starting Preschool next Fall. Rice often talks about how amazing his kids are. Rice enjoys sharing his personal hobbies with his children through things such as spending time with his dog, he also makes sure they spend time outside in such a technology-driven environment. 

Officer Rice will fish any chance that he gets, as soon as the weather is ready so is he. Officer Rice’s favorite fish to catch is trout. Rice oftentimes ventures to Lake Erie in hopes to score some nice Trout. You will often find Rice completing his fishing excursions in the Lake Erie Tributaries as well as streams surrounding Lake Erie. You may also find Rice dabbling in some fishing at Mosquito Lake if he is looking for a nice relaxing day. 

When Rice is not fishing he is more likely than not spending time with his dog Jameson. Jameson is a 9-month-old puppy, that is full of energy and is Officer Rice’s, right-hand man. Jameson and Rice are inseparable, whether Rice brings Jameson along on a fishing trip, they are having a relaxing evening outside by the fire, or they are just going for a walk. 

When asked about Jameson, Officer Rice had nothing but good things to say. “Jameson is one of the best Golden Retrievers that I have ever met. I am planning on starting obedience classes with him when he turns 1. I also plan on getting him certified as a therapy dog, in hopes to have Jameson impact others as positively as he has impacted my life. ”

Hopefully this article can help give you an insight into impactful Officer Rice is to our school as a whole.