Lakeview Juniors Hopeful for Summer


Aydin DiBell, Reporter

As the school year dwindles down at Lakeview, Juniors have begun to think of their plans for their last summer as a student.

For some it is a scary thought, others a thought of pure joy. A summer of travel and gatherings.

Travel is going to be a big thing this summer for a lot of juniors.

Junior Thomas Spencer is going to “Greece and other places.”

There are several people heading down to Florida this summer as well. Such as Junior Samantha Capps and Maddie Matthews.

Junior Elizabeth Johnston is taking “the EF tour to England, Ireland, and Scotland in June with Mrs. Prokop.”

There are a few others also going on the EF tour. It will be a several day trip visiting all of the major landmarks in England, Ireland, and Scotland, such as historic Dublin and even the view of Cahir Castle! It will cover all of the major cities in these locations, including London.

Junior Nonda Makroglou is “going on a cruise to the Bahamas.”

Not everyone is going on a big trip this summer though, instead choosing a simple yet relaxing summer of hanging out with friends.

Junior Caitlin Mark will “Be out as much as possible with [her] friends and [trying] to be out enjoying the three months off.”

Junior Jay Sarno’s “summer plans are to go outside every once in a while when it is warm and sunny, and [he] also plans to work more hours,  [so he] can earn more money.”

Junior Aylah Purdum is “Going on a bunch of college tours and hanging out with friends.”

Finally, Juniors were asked how they felt about this being their last year as a Lakeview student. It was a mix of surreality, excitement, and dread.

Junior Elizabeth Johnston thinks that it’s “Kind of surreal. It hasn’t really hit yet. And I haven’t even really thought about the fact that this will be my last summer. It just feels like another summer before school starts again.”

Junior Aylah Purdum says, “It feels exciting and terrifying at once. I’m excited for school to finally be out for the summer, but I’m also terrified to go into my senior year because it means that I’m almost done with all of these high school experiences and I have to start legitimately thinking about college options.”

Junior Ethan Baker says “[he is] excited, and nervous because after High School, life is going to get more serious and less time for fun because college is going to be the next step.”

Junior Caitlyn Mark thinks it will “feel bitter sweet. I’m glad school is over, but it will be a change to my everyday life with new people and a new school, plus I will definitely miss seeing my friends every day.”

Wishing them a good summer full of travel and friends ahead of their Senior year.