Warm Weather Has Finally Arrived in Cortland


Tara Lytle, Writer and Reporter

Weather is a big factor in how people work and how they feel. Many students get down when the weather is bad and it factors into their schoolwork. This past weekend the weather was fabulous. Many students got out and did fun activities and spent the whole day outside. 

Junior Maggie Pavlansky said, “I spent the whole weekend playing softball outside and watching the baseball games with my friends.”

Finally, the softball and baseball teams made up all of their games this weekend because the weather was nice enough. 

Freshman Addison Allen said, “I was so glad we got to make up our games because so many have been canceled due to weather. It was so nice and sunny I even got a little burnt. I am hoping that this weather will stick with us so we can continue to play softball.”

Lakeview baseball coach Cameron Carson said, “I think the sun brought our bats to life. We had 19 hits in our huge comeback against Newton Falls. The ball always travels better in the warm weather and I was so glad we got to make up for our missed games.”

Junior Alexander Stowe said “Sky was blue and the ground was dry. Can’t ask for a more beautiful day of baseball. We all dream of days like that, so it was nice to finally get one. I’m so glad we made up some games and I am even more excited to hopefully get to continue playing in this weather.”

Along with baseball, the Lakeview track team went to West Geauga for an invitational meet and the weather was absolutely beautiful for that meet. It was 80 degrees and a little cloudy so not too sunny. 

Junior Eliza Farr said, “It was great to have this nice weather to run in because some of our meets have been canceled due to weather. We did really well for all of the competition we were up against and I had a fun time being outside in the hot sun.”

Other than sporting events Junior Brooke Schneider said, “Saturday night I went to putt putting with Lexi Busefink and Stasia Hall. We went after we had dinner at Primanti Bros. Putt putting was fun. Lexi said she was going to win since she’s so good at it, but she came in last. I came second just two points behind Stasia. We then went to get ice cream to conclude our night.”

Sophomore Marina Sanders said, “I spent my days outside playing basketball and hanging out with my friends. I tanned outside but I got a little too burnt. The nice weather was a wonderful change and it was great to be outside.”

Senior Carly Hawn said, “This weekend I started making picture boards for my graduation party. I’m really excited the weather is starting to warm up, especially right before prom and all of the senior events.”

The nice weather is bringing smiles to everyone’s face and making everyone a little more happy than before. Hopefully this weather stays and we are able to get more days outside!