Lakeview Seniors Hard at Work


Nick Dorma, Reporter

The senior class at Lakeview consists of very hard-working individuals. A majority of these students go to work after long days of school, and they often spend most of their weekends at work.

There are a lot of different places where you can find a Lakeview senior working. One of these places is the Cortland Dairy Queen; a handful of Lakeview seniors are employed at this establishment. These students include Colin Oaks, Michael Horn, Evan Davies, and Landon Maderitz.

Maderitz has been working at Dairy Queen for about a month now, and so far he really enjoys it. Maderitz states, “Dairy Queen is an awesome environment. It is an easy job and I get to work with my friends.” He plans to continue working here until the end of the summer. 

The individuals that work at Dairy Queen all tend to enjoy their job. Even though they may dread going into work, once they are actually there they agree that it is not that bad. As the summer nears, and the weather gets warmer, they will start to get very busy. It is safe to say that these workers will not be looking forward to that. 

Dairy Queen is not the only establishment that employs multiple Lakeview seniors; a few people work at a trampoline park called Extreme Air. Tyler Doran, Chris Bowman, and Colton Maiorca work at Extreme Air. These three help keep the establishment clean and safe for anyone that decides to go. They also occasionally get positioned to collect money and make food. 

Bowman has been working at Extreme Air for a while now, and he enjoys it a lot. He believes it is one of the best jobs someone can find. Bowman states, “It is fun working at extreme air because we get to play games, and jump around while getting paid. Most of the time I am throwing dodgeballs at children.”

Another place where you can find some Lakeview seniors working is at Vasilios. Vasilios is a family owned business, and many people in the area enjoy eating there. Two Lakeview seniors work at Vasilios, Noah White and Brian Thomas. 

When asked, White expressed that he has mixed opinions about his job. White states that “working at Vasilios has been a rocky road, but after all, the owners are very nice people to work for. The owners treat their employees kindly and with respect as long as they are doing their jobs correctly.” 

The Lakeview senior class is full of hard-working individuals. Going to school 5 days a week while holding a job is not something that is easy to do. Although jobs can be stressful while having to deal with school work, most of the seniors continue to work jobs, and save up money to make their near futures easier. 

High school jobs can be very stressful, but from my personal experiences, and from what others have communicated with me, they can be fun at some moments. Many seniors have many great work memories, and continue to make memories with their coworkers every time that they are on the clock.