Seniors Walk Right Into Summer Celebrations!


Caitlin Mark, Reporter

Summer is right around the corner and for the graduating class of 2022 that means celebrating and graduation parties! Traditionally, most seniors host a graduation party to celebrate their personal achievements throughout their four years of high school alongside family and friends. Over the years many seniors have been choosing an unforgettable getaway instead of a traditional party.

Many hours of planning go into a graduation party. Invitations must be made and sent to guests, a location must be decided, decorations have to be picked, and food must be made or catered followed with desserts.

Choosing a venue can be especially difficult with the many banquet centers scattered around Trumbull County. There’s quite a few factors to consider while choosing a location, for example, seniors may want to feel more comfortable and cozy in their environment, so choosing their own house or a relative’s is the route to go.

Both Zach Sulc and Kylie Imes responded with, “My house,” when asked where their grad party would be held.

Other seniors may want a different scenery so they hold their parties at banquet centers.

Morgan Rolley will be inviting guests to join her at Hartford Hills Winery and Grace Mazur will be welcoming guests at The Cortland Opera House.

Decor is key! A very trendy decoration most seniors lean too is a photo wall. It looks super classy and it’s a great way to showcase memories with including friends and family.

A majority of seniors including Olivia Commins and Cade Cratsley answered, “Yes,” to including a picture display in their grad party. Photo walls or displays are also super easy to set up and take down, so it’s a no brainer on why most grads include them!

Whether seniors choose to host a big bash or small get together with family, feeding guests is a must. Foods that are usually included on the menu are: chicken, pasta, green beans, cheesy potatoes, salad, and rice. A lot of people have been skipping the traditional menu and placing more exciting foods on the menu.

Caly Lantz decided to spice up her menu this year by feeding guests with a taco bar and Kaylee Miller even chose Cockeye Barbecue to cater her upcoming party.

A few seniors made the choice of cooking their own food to feed guests. Haley Turner and her family will pick up the duty of making the delicious food she plans to serve to family and friends.

What makes graduation parties so unique is the choices are endless. Everyone has the ability to add their own style and personality to their party whether that be through the decorations, location, food, or even something else.

Some students from the class of 2022 are even adding live entertainment to their party including, Aidan Woofter telling, “Me and my band will be performing at my party.”  

Two other seniors also said they would be including live music into their grad party! Morgan Rolley said, “The band Speed Limit will be performing during my party” and Grace Mazur will be including karaoke at her party.

So far seniors have a special day to celebrate with friends and family one more time before heading off to a fresh new start. This years grad parties sound like they will be filled with lots of fun, exciting decorations, food, and entertainment.

Lakeview wishes the class of 2022 the best of luck and great new start!