2022 Top Dog: Kristina Zimomra


Damyen Fuchilla, Editor

Senior Kristina Zimomra has attended Lakeview since kindergarten and has significant plans after high school. She plans to attend Ohio University in Athens Ohio to become an elementary school teacher. Throughout her time in high school, Zimomra has participated in the National Honors Society, Bulldog Buddies, Senior Beta, Youth-Led Prevention, and the Future Educators Association. 

Zimomra added that her favorite activity was being a part of the Future Educators Association, “Because it allowed me to experience my future job field before graduating.” 

Friendship is a drastic part of high school. Two of Zimomra’s closest friends are Senior Teagan Pierce and Senior Carly Hawn. 

When Pierce was asked about Zimomra she said, “Kristina and I have been friends since preschool and she always knows how to make me laugh, and she’s a great friend.” 

Hawn has mutual feelings toward Pierce saying, 

Hawn added, Kristina and I have known each other for years. She’s always been there for me and on top of that, she is so fun to hang out with. I’m grateful I got to be friends with her during our time at Lakeview.” 

While Zimomra has many friends in the senior class, she also has built friendships with underclassmen such as Sophomore Dylan Clements. 

When asked about Clements she said, “My favorite underclassman is definitely Dylan Clements. We haven’t been friends for long but our memories at work always make me laugh.”

While making memories with your friends throughout high school is key, remembering them is even larger. Once you graduate most will not be seen again.

Zimomra was asked about memories with her friends she said, “My best friend since preschool has been Teagan Pierce. We have spent so much quality time together since we were little kids, but by far some of the best memories we have together are the ones that aren’t planned. I’ll definitely be sad to part with her after graduation but I know that we will always be close friends.” 

Zimomra was a bright intelligent student throughout high school. Not only did she participate in various clubs and activities but she also excelled in the classroom. 

When she was asked about any academic awards received and scholarships she said, “I have been on the honor roll all throughout high school and have earned scholarships through Ohio University.” 

Lakeview has held a special place in her heart as it has guided her to become the person she is today. 

Zimomra has many things she will miss about Lakeview, but what she will miss the most was the environment she said, “The environment that my graduation class brings to the hallways every morning.” 

Before her time at Lakeview concludes she left some advice for the underclassmen saying, “Do not take these years for granted because they definitely go by way too fast.”

Zimomra will celebrate all of her accomplishments with a graduation party at the end of June with many close friends and family in attendance. 

Overall, Zimomra has made the most out of her time here at Lakeview High School. From excelling in the classroom to participating in various clubs and activities she has a bright future ahead. Lakeview wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.