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2022 Yearbook Cover Image

Brynn Yale, Reporter

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, many of the students of Lakeview High School have put together their yearbook, The Epic. 

A combination of Junior and Senior publication students have spent the entire school year creating a yearbook so that the students can cherish their high school memories. The yearbook captures memories frozen in time, events that happened, faces that change inevitably and memories that may only be remembered again by opening the cover. The school year isn’t over yet, so the staff needs more pictures to put in the memorable yearbook. 

Considering the spring sports season has just started, many of the publication staff will be at track meets, baseball and softball games, and many of the senior events to take pictures. For example, prom is a major spring event coming that just took place on Friday May 6, 2022. The students were all dressed up in beautiful gowns and amazing suits. Publications adviser Angela Sarko attended to take pictures to add in the prom section in the yearbook. 

For sports events, you will see many of the students taking pictures of the athletes so then they are featured as well.

Senior Rachel Campolito said “As a runner at meets, I love to see my fellow students engage in learning how to take pictures of my fellow athletes. I also like to see my friends’ and my pictures in the yearbook to see all of the memories and awards we have won.” 

The publications staff has 25 copies left to sell to reach our end goal of 255 copies. Ordering is easy, just go  online to and search Lakeview High School, Cortland Ohio. The main price is 65.00 dollars without accessories. 

The yearbook is printed over the summer, so for juniors through freshman, you can order your book and it will be ready for you the next school year. For seniors there is a new way that you can get your yearbook without stepping foot in Lakeview High School. 

Just like senior, Ava Parise said, “I paid for my yearbook to be sent to my house over the summer. I am living at The Ohio State University in the dorms, so I won’t be in town when I am supposed to pick it up. I just feel that it is faster and easier to get my last year of high school memories.

When you put in your information in the website, there is an extra shipping fee of only 10.00 dollars to have it be shipped right to your front door step. 

Yearbooks will be sold online until the last day of school.