2022 Top Dog: Colton Maiorca


Nate Fox, Reporter

Here at Lakeview, our student body expands each year by welcoming students from different school districts. Senior Colton Maiorca was in that position leading into his junior year of high school.

Over the summer after his sophomore year, Maiorca made the transition from Windham to Lakeview and spent his 11th and 12th grade years here. Now, Maiorca is nearing the end of high school as a Bulldog.

Throughout his time at both Windham and Lakeview, Maiorca was a dedicated multi-sport student athlete. He was a member of the football and basketball teams here at Lakeview. Maiorca played a key role on both of these teams. When asked about his opinion on these sports, he has “always liked playing basketball and football.” Maiorca also believes he is “better at football but [he likes] basketball way more.”

Athletics has played a major role in Maiorca’s high school experience and it has caused him to meet people along the way. Moving to a new school can be nerve wracking. However, for Maiorca, he fit in perfectly and was able to adjust due to his time in athletics.

We asked Senior Gavin Mauger about his relationship and experience with Maiorca since he became a Bulldog. Mauger said, “It started our junior year of football when he first came here. Colton grew on us and eventually became one of my best friends. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to come to Lakeview and finish off high school with.”

Playing high school sports has helped Maiorca connect with many people and form the majority of his relationships.

Being an athlete isn’t the only way you form new bonds, however. When you are around other students for the majority of your day while you’re at school, you are basically forced to meet new people and expand your friend group.

Maiorca did just that when he met some of his closest friends through the classroom and hallways rather than on the field or court.

One of these closes friends is fellow Senior, Tyler Doran. Doran and Maiorca have similar schedules and spend a majority of their day around each other. This caused them to form a very strong friendship. Doran says, “Colton has became one of my best friends this year. He’s just a great guy to be around. One of the funniest people I’ve ever met but can also be a great friend and person when you need him to. I’m glad we became so close over this past school year.” 

Maiorca has also had an effect on the younger students of Lakeview. He has formed friendships with some of them as well. He claims that one of his best friends is Sophomore Joe Rodgers. Maiorca said, “Joe is my best friend. Taking Joe home after football practices was always fun. We would blast music and have a good time.”

Developing relationships with underclassmen can definitely help have a positive impact on their high school experience and improve our school as a whole.

As an upperclassmen, there is no doubt that Maiorca wants to leave a piece of encouragement and advice for the underclassmen to help get them through their remaining years. When asked what advice he would give them, Maiorca said to, “Get your work done early. The sooner you get it done, to more time you have, and the less stress you experience.”

Although Maiorca left this piece of advice for the underclassmen at Lakeview, he will also need to follow this advice as he enters the next stage of his life. Maiorca will be attending Youngstown State University and study to become a math teacher at the Junior High level.

We all wish Colton the best of luck in his future and we’re thankful he is ending high school as a Bulldog!