Mothers Day is Sunday May 8th: Here’s How Lakeview Students Plan to Celebrate


Maddie Mathews, Reporter

It’s that time of the year where all people are thinking about is prom, graduation, and summer just a short month away. But, one important thing during this month that we should never forget is Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day is May 8 this year.  It is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May. For us Bulldogs this is also the weekend of prom. Though prom is exciting and fun, we should not let this overshadow mothers getting their special days.

Many students have fun plans to celebrate their mothers this year, like going out to a nice restaurant, having a family gathering, and making a day trip to their mothers’ favorite spots.

I got the chance to talk to Junior Abbie Sprockett about what she is planning to do for Mother’s day, and she had a fun day planned ahead. She said, “Me and my family are going down to Cleveland to visit my sister on Mother’s day. We aren’t sure where we want to eat yet but, whatever we do I’m sure it will be fun and my mom will love it.”

I believe spending time with family on Mother’s Day, like Sprockett is doing,  is one of the best ways you can spend the holiday!

Unlike Sprockett, Senior Cal Rinck is staying in town for Mother’s Day. I asked Rinck what he is planning for Mother’s Day and he said, “We usually go out of town for Mother’s day, but this year we are staying in town and going out somewhere.” Rinck did not know for sure where they are going out but it was between Salvatores, Leos, and Peter Allen Inn.

Last I asked Junior Avery Jones what she was doing for Mother’s Day and she said she was having a picnic with all her family. Jones said, “I have a pretty big family that loves to get together. So, whenever we get the chance we like to get all the family members together to get quality family time.” 

This is a great way for the Jones family to celebrate all the relatives who are mothers.

Prom being the same weekend as mother’s day has caused a dent in some students Mother’s Day plans. Many students go and spend the whole weekend out with their friends. These students are disappointed that they can’t spend the day with their moms, but their mothers are glad they are enjoying their after prom activities.